On my last post, I explained that we need to focus more about what we really want so we can work towards that goal… that place we wish to be physically and emotionally. For  16 years I have been running my business in the hopes of  offering help and support to those wanting to make a change from  what they have that is not working towards a life of happiness and fulfillment. And the one reoccurring theme I see in so many lives is that most people that are unhappy have no idea why. And they are clueless about what it is exactly that they want to change. Most of the time, they want to change others that they feel are the issue causing this feeling of discontentment. When asked, I get a 3  or 4 page email with the drama explaining the who, what, where, when etc… As I sift through the details trying to figure out what the bottom line is, I realize that my influence will be minimal unless I can get that client to forget all the details of the issue. I need the client to focus on what is in his or her power to bring the change through them . In other words, you can’t facilitate change in your life by changing others. Change must come from within. If you want change, then you must look within for the answers.


The first step to transforming your life is self discovery. Who are you as defined by yourself? That is much different than the outer you that is defined by friends, family, co-workers etc… The following article sums up the process of self-discovery perfectly.