How to consecrate runes


Whether you have purchased a rune set or you have been working with a set that you have had for awhile, you should consecrate and cleanse/ purify the runes. Directions to purify rune stones can be found on another post on this blog.


What does consecrating runes mean?


To consecrate a rune set translates to “to make holy”.  Briefly, you are changing your runes from tumbled crystals into a sacred tool for divine guidance. You can re-consecrate the rune stones if they have been unused for a while or if it seems as if your readings are less clear and/ or accurate as they once were. The act of consecrating the rune set doesn’t just purify and prepare them, it creates a spiritual connection between you and your runes.


Did you know that you do not need to be psychic to give rune readings? Runes help bridge the gap between divinity and you. By learning to read the runes, you become a spiritual interpreter. The runes are symbols that once you learn their meanings and how to lay them out, it is believed that you will be able to glean messages and guidance from the spiritual realms. A rune set is a good tool for people that don’t believe that they are psychic enough to divine messages from spirit. When you look over the runes in a reading, they tell a story. A rune layout can show patterns and trends (mistakes repeating, perhaps?).  You consecrate your rune stones to help you open yourself to the messages they offer whether you are reading for yourself or someone else.


An even though you don’t have to be psychic to do rune readings, over time, you may find that you know the outcome to any question before you pull any runes. The runes are opening your psychic abilities. When that first starts to happen, keep track of everything that pops into your head regarding the reading. Then see if the runes confirm what those feelings. You may get to the point that you don’t need runes any more. And if you never get to that point, that’s fine too.


Consecrating a rune stones


Sage is my preferred method to consecrate runes. It purifies as well. Sage is a traditional plant which is sacred to Native American. They believe that sage smoke purifies. Sage smoke is quite intense and many people don’t like it. In that case, you can use incense. I also carry incense resins, an all natural incense made from tree sap and is available on my website. For consecration, I would choose the traditional frankincense and myrrh.  If you can’t tolerate fragrance, you can substitute with a white candle. Smoke is what does the purification with sage or incense. The warm light of the candle would be the catalyst if you choose the candle method. Use the consecration method that suits your needs best.


  1. Light sage/ incense and allow the smoke to purify yourself, your sacred space and the pouch or box in which you store your runes.
  2. Hold your runes in your receptive hand (the hand you do not write with).
  3. Hold your runes over the sage or incense smoke or the light of the candle (taking care not to burn your self).
  4. Ask your deity, angels, guides or guardians to protect you & your runes from all but the highest of levels of energy.
  5. Recite:

Stone and symbol let secrets unfold,

Messages from ancestors and guardians be told.

May gentle insight guide each and every word

So sacred wisdom may be heard

By a heart open and ready to receive

Divine guidance to conceive.

  1. Look at each rune one by one and contemplate it. Connect with it’s energy. And envision your energy going into each rune and becoming part of it.
  2.  With your receptive hand, hold the whole set of runes over the smoke.
  3. Ask your deity of choice to bless & consecrate your rune stones so that it may allow you to help others through those runes.


You can go ahead and use your newly consecrated rune set. When not in use, you should store your runes in a pouch or box that keeps them safe and sacred.


Hint: I offer another post to program and energize your crystals to make your runes an even more powerful divination tool.