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May your 2013 be blessed with love, good health, happiness and prosperity!


I like to enter every new year with a plan. Sometimes it’s concrete and other times it is more a rough idea of what I want to happen. 2012 had brought some big changes into my life. I purchased a building to open a brick and mortar store.  I was hoping to leave my job at the bank and to dedicate my life to running and growing my small business.  Well, I said this was a year of change for me. It was. Just after I got the store up and running, I got a job promotion. This new position requires some evening and weekend hours and mandatory overtime. And after starting my training for this job, I can see that I am going to like the job a lot and I have an opportunity to advance.

One of my main goals in 2012 was to simplify my life. But, the opposite happened when I bought the building. I need to be at the store. I need to be passionate about this aspect of my business. But it began to overwhelm me and pull me away from my goal of simplifying my life. And though I had no clue how I could get off the crazy treadmill, I held tight to the goal to simplify even though my life was very hectic. And then another change came in the form of the promotion that I mentioned before. The nice thing about having a “real” job is that you punch a clock and go home.  You also have benefits. When you have a business, you never clock out and vacation is not possible. You always have work to do. And when the work is done, there is paperwork to do and taxes to organize. You are never completely finished. With this promotion, I am able to downsize the business to something much more manageable. It will allow me to enjoy time off which is something I have not done since I moved out here.  For almost 4 years, my business was my primary income and the job was a supplemental income. I have finally realized that this new job will allow me to decrease my business and use it as the supplement. And that is a simpler life for me. Everything just fell into place. All I had to do was to “put my intentions/ vision out there”  and allow everything to fall into place. Once more… my “go with the flow” way of life brings me just what I need when I need it. I needed to let go of my habit of living, working and saving for the future and start living now.

May your visions for 2013 be blessed!



Hey All,


I just wanted to let you know that there is a new scam out that’s pretty good. When you place an order with a large company that you trust, a box may pop up that tells you that they can give you that item much cheaper. It reroutes you to a Chinese website and collects your credit card info. You can dispute these charges and close the card but I am concerned about someone stealing your identity. Please tell others about this scam. We are getting lots of calls at the bank and it’s for very popular brands like Abercrombie… Northwoods (or whatever it is)…. You go the legit website but get drawn to a fraudulent site.