Gees I hate these things *lol*. I don’t have much to say about mself. I am 45 yrs old and recently divorced. I work full time and run my metaphysical website. I would like to be “normal” so I fit in with the general public. BUT… that just isn’t possible. I have had profound spiritual experiences throughout my life that has led my down the path I follow. As a teen, I struggled with psychic experiences and back then, it wasn’t cool or accepted as it is today. I was 100% on my own and absolutely terrified of those experiences. Things have changed a lot since then with the internet and psychics like Sylvia Browne and John Edward bringing psychic abilities into the open. I created my website to help people discover their natural born abilities and to embrace them through products and information that I offer.

I am also an advocate for green living. I grew up riding horses and playing in the woods. Sadly, I have seen those places become developed and natural habitats pushed back. I would love to see a shift in mankind where people only take what they need. It seems beyond greed to me… to see a retired couple buying a 5 bedroom home to impress everyone. As a race, I fear we are reaching a point of no return. I hope the oil spills of the last 2 months are the catalyst that brings change to our nation and world. The fact that one company was ever allowed to drill in the ocean for oil without a disaster plan in place, baffles me. The is a perfect example of all that is wrong in this country. We all need to live simply so that others may simply live.