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I have slashed prices on crystals balls. I have 3 sizes available 80mm, 110mm, 130mm. Supplies are limited. My crystal ball are made from 100% quartz crystal that has been crushed, melted, molded and polished into an almost flawless sphere. They are not lead crystal as you will find more commonly. These crystal balls are mesmerizing to look into. A great gift idea for the spiritual someone who seems to have everything.


Real quartz crystal balls

Real quartz crystal balls – Prices slashed!



Hey All,


I just wanted to let you know that there is a new scam out that’s pretty good. When you place an order with a large company that you trust, a box may pop up that tells you that they can give you that item much cheaper. It reroutes you to a Chinese website and collects your credit card info. You can dispute these charges and close the card but I am concerned about someone stealing your identity. Please tell others about this scam. We are getting lots of calls at the bank and it’s for very popular brands like Abercrombie… Northwoods (or whatever it is)…. You go the legit website but get drawn to a fraudulent site.




Metaphysical Store Update

It’s funny how life works sometimes. I am a person that goes w/ the flow. For 15 years I have run a lucrative internet business. After my divorce, I relocated and had to get a job so I have health insurance. For the 3 years I have worked and run the business, my goal has been to commit 100% to either the job or the business. I was given a promotion at work so it appears that it’s in my best interest to persue that path. This promotion means I will have to work some evenings and Saturdays and over-time as needed. I will no longer be able to let you know when I will be at the store. I will still be there most evenings and weekends as time allows. But before you make a trip, I advise you to call to make sure I will be there.  724-979-4631

I am considering selling off the business which includes both the brick and mortar store, apartment and the website.  So if you know anyone that is interested, please let me know.

This is not a sad ending for me. It’s like that part of my life has served it’s purpose.  New opportunities are opening for me and I am sure someone else could fulfill their dream with this business as I once did.

I am offering a 15% coupon to customers for the month of November. This for online and in-store purchses only. Phone orders are not included.  Please visit and use the coupon code FUH121031215914 when you get to the shopping cart.  Feel free to share this coupon code. I reserve the right to refuse any order that I feel is suspicious.


Welcome to my blog. Here you will find all kinds of information of spirtual subjects like psychic development, divination, spells and ritual and much more. I also offer advice on selling on the internet. I welcome questions,  comments and discussion.