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On my last post, I explained that we need to focus more about what we really want so we can work towards that goal… that place we wish to be physically and emotionally. For  16 years I have been running my business in the hopes of  offering help and support to those wanting to make a change from  what they have that is not working towards a life of happiness and fulfillment. And the one reoccurring theme I see in so many lives is that most people that are unhappy have no idea why. And they are clueless about what it is exactly that they want to change. Most of the time, they want to change others that they feel are the issue causing this feeling of discontentment. When asked, I get a 3  or 4 page email with the drama explaining the who, what, where, when etc… As I sift through the details trying to figure out what the bottom line is, I realize that my influence will be minimal unless I can get that client to forget all the details of the issue. I need the client to focus on what is in his or her power to bring the change through them . In other words, you can’t facilitate change in your life by changing others. Change must come from within. If you want change, then you must look within for the answers.


The first step to transforming your life is self discovery. Who are you as defined by yourself? That is much different than the outer you that is defined by friends, family, co-workers etc… The following article sums up the process of self-discovery perfectly.



I have just scheduled renowned professional psychic medium Ryan Michael from Psychic Kids.

Date: Sat Oct 13th

Time: 10 AM to ?

Cost: $50 per approx 30 mins. Ryan tapes the reading for you.

Appts must be pre-paid to hold your place. It is cash only… sorry! I book up quickly so if you want to come, don’t put it off.

What to bring: a friend and a list of questions in case he asks if you have any (I can never remember until I leave).

Free refreshments all day!!!!

please call 724-981-1445 and leave a message if I don’t answer. I normally answer in the evenings. Please don’t call between the hrs 10 PM and 7 AM because the phone service has not yet been moved to the store. It rings in my home.

It’s actually better if you email me. You will find the link on the bottom of any of my webpages. I don’t care to be swamped with spam so I don’t want to post it here. My site is:

You can learn more about Ryan by visiting his site:

I hope you can make it! You can browse in the shop while you wait or chat with some very interesting people. We always have a good time when I have a psychic in.

Understanding Spiritual Clarity

I offer custom spell candles and crystal jewelry to offer customers a spiritual tool to help them create the change the desire they want in their life. When I decided to offer this option, I thought it would be rather straight forward. But after 5 years of offering this extra service, I have noticed that many of those people order something custom because they don’t know what it is that they really want.

Imagine going to restaurant and the waiter comes to your table and he asks what you would like for dinner. If you aren’t sure, you may ask for his suggestion or for more time to look at your menu. You make ask your companions what they are going to choose. This is good. You are exposing yourself to options or getting inspired by other people’s feedback. But in the end, you have to tell the waiter what you want. If the waiter guessed at what you want, you may end up with shellfish. That may be exactly what you wanted which is good. But what if you are very allergic to shellfish?

Many people visit my site looking for answers. They have an emptiness that they can’t put a finger on. I don’t think anyone could argue that if they knew what that empty spot was, they would figure out how to fill it up. So they search my site, not knowing what they want but hoping something will be the answer. They often buy one of my custom spell candles or gemstone bracelets. When you order a custom spiritual item from me, I ask you to briefly tell me what it is that you want to attract or change. I thought that was an easy question. It is not for many people. I may get a 3 page email that is very scattered. There is no focus. I have to sift through the email to find out what it is that this person needs. When I make anything custom, I ask my guides to help me create what serves this customer’s needs best. Almost every time I get one of those scattered emails asking for my help, one word sums up that scattered energy. CLARITY!

In spirituality, clarity refers to “knowing or understanding”. When I want to help someone find clarity. I want them to move past all the drama and chaos to SEE and UNDERSTAND what they really want.

I learned many valuable lessons in the martial arts. You will move where your focus lies. You have to understand what it is that needs to be done and focus beyond all the chaos to what your goal really is. If you focus on the drama and chaos, you can’t move past it. In the martial arts, the secret to breaking a board with your hand isn’t focusing on the surface of the board. To break the board, you focus PAST the board. When you focus on the board, your strike stops at the surface because your mind sees that as the goal and takes you there. When you focus beyond the board, your mind moves through the board and to the place where you told it you wanted to go. When you do not break the board, it is very painful and you step back and wonder what you did wrong. When you break the board correctly, there is no pain. It is effortless. So if a flesh and bone arm or leg can break boards or cement EFFORTLESSLY…. Then why is life so difficult? I don’t think it has to be. Some people sail through life because they are focused BEYOND what looks like the goal. The rest of us keep hitting the surface, wondering what we are doing wrong and why life is so difficult for us. We focus on the very thing we want to break through.

The trick in this spiritual quest of direction is to learn what it is that you want, where you want your focus to be. The hardest part of spirituality is self-discovery. Who am I? What do I want/ need in my life right now? What is working? What is not working?

I’m going to end this post here. This is enough to get your mind working for now. I am going to do another post to give you ideas and exercises in spiritual self-discovery.

How to Get Rid of Spirits – What causes a haunting?

There are many kinds of hauntings.

Residual haunting:

A residual haunting a pattern that repeats itself. It may be something that the person had done often and then died tragically (murder, suicide or sudden unexpected death). Perhaps it was a person that was so dedicated to their task that they continue to do it even in death. For example: most lighthouses are haunted. The keeper would have a lot of responsibility weighing on his shoulders keeping the light going especially during bad weather. He would be walking the staircase regularly to make sure ships caught in the storms could find their way safely to land. Today, this sounds silly as we have the technology to guide us. But eons ago, the lighthouse keeper had many lives that depended on his reliability. Someone who has that kind of task, may continue to do so even after their passing whether tragic or not. So in visiting a lighthouse today, you may experience a chill or a presence or you may see an actual apparition of the keeper on the stairs he walked so often. This sort of haunting is harmless as they are just repeating an old pattern and not interacting in any way. A residual haunting is not a spirit, it is a ghost. You can’t remove the ghost because it is simply a recording of a past event. You may see residual hauntings on haunted battlefields, hospitals, prisons and such. They can happen anywhere though. A farmer may have made thousands of trips to his barn to care for his stock. A lady may have walked to work everyday for years because she had no car. They may not have met a tragic death. This was just something so was so engrained in the existence that it continues on.

Intelligent haunting:

This is a type of haunting in which a spirit may interact with a human. It may even perform tasks that you request. If you watch ghost hunting shows on TV, you will see them ask them to do something like light a flash light, move and object or make a noise. The ghost hunters do this not just to gain evidence that ghosts so exist, but also to determine what kind of haunting they have on their hands. This is probably the most common type of haunting there is. If you have a home or place of work where you have this type of haunting and it makes you uncomfortable, you may be able to verbally get the spirit to leave just by reasoning with it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to find a clergy member to do the job.

I have lived in haunted homes and this kind of haunting doesn’t concern me. I use it as an opportunity to learn more about spirit communication. I will have to add a story to my blog about a child ghost that occupied my metaphysical store. He seemed to want to teach me how to communicate with spirit. Though he followed me home and stayed with me for a year and a half, when I left the store for a better location, he stayed at the old building (where an attorney now has his office).

Poltergeist haunting:

A true poltergeist haunting is not so common. Like the intelligent haunting, the spirit may interact with humans. It will often attach to the energy of a young family member. Poltergeists can be very active creating chaos and panic in the home. Objects may move, go missing or fly through the air. There may be loud noises like foot steps, knocking, doors slamming or banging on the walls or ceiling and other unexplainable noises. The poltergeist is attracted to someone (usually young) that may have psychic abilities though they may not even be aware of it. Kids do not have an adult’s normal skepticism so it would not be hard to find one they could work with. Often this is a child or household that has a lot of negativity around it. Most kids are just entering adolescence when the poltergeist activity occurs. That is the point where a child is no longer an innocent child nor are they the skeptical adult. This is an odd period where a child is discovering the world on their own terms resulting in stress within the family unit. This is the point where a child starts to think for themselves. A poltergeist can be a challenge to get rid of because the child is the doorway in which it uses. You need to deal with the child which is difficult at that age. You can also weaken the bond between the spirit and child with purification. It is important that nobody in the home be involved in any type of spiritual activity such as tarot reading, Ouija board use, reading or being involved with anything relating to the occult. That is what opens the door for spirit activity. The family must take on the attitude of total skepticism regarding spirits (which closes the doorway). You must avoid any TV shows or movies relating to spirits, haunting or the occult. You must never speak of spirits or the experience further. Fear and curiousity will reopen the doorway. If you are religious, you may want to become regular members of the church (not just holidays). Go together as a family to create solidarity. Cleanse and bless your home with sage. Instructions are on the top of my blog.

Demonic haunting:

Demonic hauntings are rare, thankfully. These are non-human entities that are powerful enough to scare people from their homes. A demonic haunting can be absolutely terrifying to experience. There may be hot spots, cold spots, loud noises, growls, doors slamming, loud foot steps, laughter, whispers, shouts, moans and groans, loud noises of undetermined means, lights or electronics turning on and off, objects moving or disappearing, objects flying through the air, foul odors, and much more. The most terrifying psychic phenomenon would be seeing an apparition or having physical contact with it. The apparition may be humanoid looking, black, white or gray mist, orbs or lights, shadows or creatures that are animal-like. Physical contact could include the entity passing through you, a touch, slap or scratch. Any of these would be enough to send most people running. My guess is that is what the entity wants. Perhaps they are territorial. Nobody can know for sure. I, for one, would not give up my home. I would do a purification and remove the offending spirits and close the doors that allow them to come through.

 Demonic Possession:

A genuine demonic possession is the rarest of all the hauntings encountered. This is a case where a spirit takes control of the body of a person. Most possessions are mental conditions that could be controlled with the proper treatment. Others may be people seeking attention. A genuine demonic possession would be treated the same as a home purification. You are basically evicting the spirit and closing the door that has allowed it to enter.

 Note: A medium may become apparently possessed as she (or he) opens the door for spirit communications to commence. This may be deliberate through a séance. And though a professional medium may be running the séance, it may not be the actual medium that becomes the channel (doorway). The spirit may be drawn to another sitter to the séance. This doesn’t normally become a problem as a séance should be created using proper protection. You are opening a doorway for communication but not allowing them to gain entry. Though the medium may talk in a new voice (perhaps with an accent or that of the opposite gender), have different mannerisms and speak as if the spirit has inhabited the body, she is not really possessed. She is a channel for the spirit. She is like a telephone in which it speaks through. She may see through it’s eyes and feel what it feels and so forth, but the protections prevent it from invading her body. This is why you must learn grounding and protection before doing any kind of spiritual work. I have directions for that on my blog.

Psychic Protection or Shielding from Negative Energy

 What is protection or shielding?

 Protection which is often called shielding, is a type of meditation/ visualization used to protect oneself from negative energy. . It’s one of those building blocks that one needs to create a strong foundation for further spiritual study and exploration. In a nutshell, protection or shielding is creating a protective barrier around oneself, another, place or a material object.

 When wouldyou use Psychic Protection or Shielding

 Psychic protection should be used during any type of spiritual work like divination, healing or ritual. Shielding can be done any time you feel the need for psychic protection whether you are doing anything spiritual or mundane. For example… if you were going in for surgery or flying on a plane, shielding is a good idea. If you were going in for a job interview or any stressful situation, you can shield yourself. If you find yourself picking up on the energy of others, you can protect yourself from it.

 How do you shield yourself from negative energy?

 Shielding is very easy. But first you need to ground and center (directions are on my blog)

  1.  Breathe in deeply through the nose while envisioning that you are drawing in god/ goddess/ guardian angels/ universal energy or whatever…. Into your physical being.
  2. Now exhale deeply through the mouth envisioning this breathe coming out of you as a brilliant white light with shimmers of rainbow colors.
  3. In your minds eye, see this light forming a bubble around you. This bubble is filled with protective energy from those spiritual beings that you requested help from. Don’t forget to thank them.
  4. You can program this bubble to shield differently.
  • You can have it turn reflective like a mirror and reflect anything that you don’t want.
  • My favorite shield is to use the white light with rainbow colors (like a moonstone) and have it transmute or change any negative energy to positive energy that is at my disposal. You see, energy is neither good or bad. It just IS. So if you feeling someone is sending negative energy to you, rather than reflect it and waste free energy, change it to positive energy. Program the shield to make that energy attract love, money, healing and so on.

 Note: The most important thing about a psychic protection or shield is to have FAITH! You have to know within every fiber of your being that you are divinely protected and that no harm can come to you.



How to Make an Amulet and Consecrate it

Any piece of jewelry or small trinket, stone, coin etc…. can be made into an amulet. An amulet is an item that is charged with psychic energy to attract a like energy. So if you want to make a money amulet, then use something that symbolizes money to you. This might be a coin, or jewelry with a certain type of stone that has to do with abundance, or it could be a gemstone that is known to attract money (iron pyrite, aventurine etc..). Once you have your item, now you can bless it.  To do that, you hold the item in your hand and really concentrate on what you want this amulet for. Ask your deity(ies) of choice, angels, spirit guides etc… to send forth energy to empower your amulet. When you can feel that this has happened, thank them for their help…. And know deep within your soul, that help is on it’s way when the time is right and in the form that suits your needs best.

 One thing you can do to make it easier… is to use incense, sage or burn herbs over charcoal tablets that support your desire. For example: patchouli, cinnamon and clove are money herbs. You can burn any one of them in the form of incense, candle or the actual herb to empower your amulet. Light the incense or candle and hold the amulet in the smoke (or warmth of the candle).

 If you have purchased one of our spell amulets, as you hold the amulet in the smoke, recite the incantation on the pendant.

 Over time, an amulet can lose it’s energy. You can repeat this mini ritual when you feel the need. It’s a good idea to do this monthly on the full moon (when the moon is at it’s strongest).

 I wish you blessings of happiness, peace, prosperity, good health and love.

Self Dedication Spell:

 You can use this spell to dedicate yourself to any path you choose. You may need to edit the wording to suit your needs. May your path be blessed!

Prepare a sacred space at home in which you plan on doing your spiritual work. It must be clean and free of clutter. You may want to have a small table that will become your altar. You may want to create a sacred space to store everything that you may need during ritual (all of your ritual tools, candles, incense, etc…. and lighters.

Dedicate yourself on the Full moon if possible. Also… SamHain (Halloween) is the perfect night for a self dedication as it’s the Pagan new year..

On the night of your choosing, sit quietly and ponder the reason for wanting to dedicate yourself to witchcraft. What do you have to offer? What do you wish to take from it? Where do you want to go from here? Take time and really envision the answers to those questions. The door and key are symbols to help you focus on this new path is like a door opening you to new possibilities in your life.

Light the candle. Recite:
O Mother Goddess, O Father God,
Answers to all mysteries and yet mysteries unanswered;
In this place of power I open myself to your essence.
In this place and in this time I am changed;
From henceforth, I walk the Wiccan path.
“I dedicate myself to you, Mother Goddess and Father God.

Rest for a moment

I breathe your energies into my body, commingling,
blending, mixing them with mine,
that I may see the divine in nature, nature in the divine,
and divinity within myself and all else.
O Great Goddess, O Great God,
Make me one with your essence
Make me one with your essence
Make me one with your essence

You may feel a difference, subtle or strong. Whatever happens, know that you have opened yourself and that the Goddess and God have heard you. You should feel different inside.

Allow he candle to burn as long as you can supervise it. Extinguish it when finished. It is charged to be used in future spells, rituals and divination. 

Feel free to edit this spell if you feel drawn to do so (this is your intuition guiding you)

Do not over-think your magick. I get calls all the time from customers that are worked up over tiny details. There is no wrong way to do the right thing when it comes to magick. It is your intentions that make it happen. The candle magick is just a tool to help you stay focused and to send your desire out to the universe.

Credit for the incantation goes to Scott Cunningham.

How to Program a crystal

 What does it mean to program a crystal?

Programming a crystal is somewhat like a computer program. You have a computer program to do a certain task. A crystal program would be the same. Consider what you want this crystal to do. Here are some ideas:

  • Meditation aid
  • Crystal healing
  • Psychic awareness
  • Protection
  • Good luck charm
  • Empower other crystals
  • Crystal reading – crystal divination
  • Ritual or ceremonial use
  • To create sacred items like jewelry or décor
  • Energy to be used to plants
  • Crystallizing drinking water
  • Making gem elixirs
  • Ritual oils

Prepare to Program a crystal

Before you program the crystal is to purify the crystal. There are several ways to do this.

  • Light some sage or incense and hold the crystal in the smoke which will cleanse away any previous programming or negative energy.
  • Place the crystal in sea salt or salt water over night
  • Place your crystal in a stream of running water where it won’t be washed downstream and lost. Take care to place it where someone won’t find it and that you will remember where it was placed.

Ask you angels or guides to clear away all energies in the crystal so that it is open and ready to receive a new program. Ask that it be blessed that it become a tool for the greater good of all and that it only work in the highest of energy vibrations.

How to Program a crystal:

  1. Contemplate what you want the crystal to do. Envision that in your mind’s eye.
  2. Hold the crystal in the hand you do not write with (receptive hand). Lay your other hand (projective hand) on top.
  3. Breath in very deeply through your nose pulling air into the very bottom of your lungs till they are totally filled up.
  4. As you take this first, clean, fresh air from the universe, see it in your mind’s eye, going into your lungs and into your blood and right down to the cells. Purifying your body and energizing it.
  5. Pause for a count of 5
  6. Exhale slowly through the mouth, expelling all of the air from your lungs and onto your hands.
  7. As you are exhaling, envision this breath as energy flowing from your chest/ heart chakra and up and into your projective arm down towards the crystal…
  8. See your energy flow from your projective hand and into the crystal. See your desire for this crystal making a connection with the crystal.. you may see little sparkles from the crystal as if thinks are shifting to accept the new program.
  9. Exhale totally till your lungs feel like a vacuum.
  10. Now inhale deeply and pull your energy through the crystal combined with some of the crystal energy.
  11. Pull this energy down through your receptive hand.
  12. Envision your energy blending with the crystal energy in your body.
  13. Pull that energy as you inhale deeply like the first time, through the nose into your heart chakra.
  14. Hold 5 seconds
  15.  Repeat the entire process until you can feel the spiritual connection between you and the crystal. Now your crystal is programmed and attuned to your energy.
  16. You are done when it feels right.
  17. Thank your angels and guides for the help.

Cleansing a tarot deck or Purifying a tarot deck

 There are many ways to cleanse or purify a tarot deck. My favorite way to cleanse a tarot deck is to smudge it with a sage smudge ceremony. You can the same thing with incense. I offer some wonderful all natural resin incense sticks that smell amazing.

 Take your tarot cards face down in the hand you do not write with (receptive hand). Hold over the sage or incense smoke for a few moments. Take your other hand a hit the top of the deck sharply with the knuckles as if knocking dirt off of them. Continue holding the deck in the smoke, asking your guides, deity, angels etc… to bless and purify the cards. Envision the sage seeping in the spaces between the molecules in the cards.

 I recommend before a reading, that you purify yourself and the room you will be reading in with sage or incense.

You can cleanse your tarot deck before you start a reading. If you will be doing numerous readings, you may want to do a fast version between clients. When you are finished, do a final tarot card cleansing and take a moment to cleanse the storage box, pouch or cloth.

 Some people have a deck only for themselves and another for everyone else. I use the same one so it’s like an old faithful deck to me. I just make sure to cleanse the deck each time.

 Other ways to cleanse a tarot deck –  purify a tarot deck:

 These cleansing methods put your cards in risk of damage. Take precautions to protect them.

 Allow it to sit out all night in a full moon phase. Take care that the dew doesn’t get on them. I would suggest putting them on a plate and put a clear glass bowl over them. Or put them in the house on a window sill that will allow the moonlight to hit them.

 Allow them to sit out in the sunlight all day. Again.. take great care not to damage them.

 Place cards in a ziplock bag and bury them for 24 hrs. Make sure it’s not a cheap bag or water could ruin them.






How to consecrate your tarot deck

Whether you have purchased a new tarot deck or you have one that you have been using, you should consecrate and cleanse/ purify the deck . The purification ritual is on another post.

What is consecration? 

To consecrate the tarot deck means “to make it holy”. In other words, you are taking your tarot cards and transforming them from pieces of card stock into a sacred tool for communication with the divine. You can repeat it as needed if they have lain dormant for a time or if you feel that your readings are not as clear as they should be. The act of consecrating your deck isn’t just about honoring and preparing the deck, it’s about you making a spiritual connection with the tarot cards.

This may sound a bit strange. You do not have to be psychic to read tarot cards. It’s a great tool for those who feel that they are not psychic enough but desire spiritual guidance and perhaps wish to guide others. Tarot cards have more symbolism than they appear. They make have a person, animal and/or objects on them. They have a numerological, astrological and seasonal meaning. Tarot cards have many colors and symbols that give meaning. A tarot card is mainly male or female in it’s energy. The people may face right or left. They may be royalty or peasant. They may be greatly adorned, wearing tattered rags or naked. All of that means something to a tarot reader. When you combine all the cards in a reading, they tell a story. But more than that, they can show a pattern or trend. You consecrate your tarot deck to create a bond with you. You do it to program your brain to accept that each color, number, symbol, suit and so on, speaks volumes to you. Your tarot deck in a tool with which spirit is able to communicate with you for guidance for yourself or others. You are the translator. Spirit can work through tarot symbols as a form of communication.

Working with tarot on a regular basis usually causes one to become psychic as you are opening the doors to spirit communication. Yet… another post for you to read.

Consecrating a tarot deck

I like to use sage to consecrate a tarot deck. It purifies the deck at the same time. Sage is an herb sacred to the Native Americans believed to remove negative energy. If you don’t like the aroma of burning sage, then you can use incense. I highly recommend my natural incense sticks. Frankincense and myrrh is traditional for consecration. If you don’t like aromas, you can choose a plain white candle as a substitute. In smudging, it is the smoke from the sage or incense that is desired, not some much the smell. If you use a candle, it will be the warm light of the candle that you would focus upon. Use what works best for your needs.

1. Light your sage or incense and use the smoke to purify yourself and then the area where you wish to consecrate your deck include the store box, pouch or wrapping.

2. Take your tarot deck and hold it face up in the hand that you do not right with. This is your receptive hand.

3. Hold the deck over the smoking sage or incense or the candle light (taking great care not to burn your self).

4. Ask your guardians angels or guides to protect you and you cards from anything but the highest of energy forms.

5. Recite:

Paper and ink let secrets unfold,

Ancestors and guardians message be told. May wisdom guide my every word

So sacred insight may be heard

By ears open and ready to receive

Divine guidance to believe.

6. As each card faces you, take a moment to contemplate it. Feel its energy. And envision your own going into the spaces between the molecules that make up the card.

7. Lay the card face down when you have done that… and move to the next card.

8. Repeat until you have touched each and every card.

9. Pick up the whole deck with your receptive hand and hold it over the smoke.

10. Ask whatever deity you choose to bless and consecrate this deck so that you may use it only for the greater good.  Don’t forget to thank them when you have finished.

You can now use your newly consecrated deck. After that, you should store them in a pouch, box or piece of natural fabric like cotton or silk. Some say to use black for protection. Others say white for purification. Do what feels best for you.

Hint: I offer another post to program and energize a crystal to store with your tarot cards for protection, purification and to empower your cards further.