How to Make an Amulet and Consecrate it

Any piece of jewelry or small trinket, stone, coin etc…. can be made into an amulet. An amulet is an item that is charged with psychic energy to attract a like energy. So if you want to make a money amulet, then use something that symbolizes money to you. This might be a coin, or jewelry with a certain type of stone that has to do with abundance, or it could be a gemstone that is known to attract money (iron pyrite, aventurine etc..). Once you have your item, now you can bless it.  To do that, you hold the item in your hand and really concentrate on what you want this amulet for. Ask your deity(ies) of choice, angels, spirit guides etc… to send forth energy to empower your amulet. When you can feel that this has happened, thank them for their help…. And know deep within your soul, that help is on it’s way when the time is right and in the form that suits your needs best.

 One thing you can do to make it easier… is to use incense, sage or burn herbs over charcoal tablets that support your desire. For example: patchouli, cinnamon and clove are money herbs. You can burn any one of them in the form of incense, candle or the actual herb to empower your amulet. Light the incense or candle and hold the amulet in the smoke (or warmth of the candle).

 If you have purchased one of our spell amulets, as you hold the amulet in the smoke, recite the incantation on the pendant.

 Over time, an amulet can lose it’s energy. You can repeat this mini ritual when you feel the need. It’s a good idea to do this monthly on the full moon (when the moon is at it’s strongest).

 I wish you blessings of happiness, peace, prosperity, good health and love.