If I have one superpower, it would be manifesting the right person to help me out. I took a workshop once and though I paid way too much money for this guru, I got one important message out it. When you need or want something, ask your angels for help. I am not the angel kind of person. I am more into quantum physics. I believe that thoughts have energy so you can use them to attract your desires to a certain point. For me… I love to manifest helpers. For 15 years now, I have been running my internet business. When I would get stuck, I would just imagine myself making a connection somehow to someone could help me out. It has worked every single time. I started my internet business with absolutely no idea on how to create a website with a working shopping cart. I was too stubborn to use a free site back when those were popular. I ran into a business group http://www.QFLEA.com That is a connection that has been a huge source of help, advice and wisdom for me. I upgraded to Frontpage and was totally overwhelmed by this huge and complicated web design program. I found Tina Clarke from any-expression.com/ and she rebuilt my site with the new program which made it possible for me to study how it operated. Once my site was looking good… I was directed to Cricket’s internet SEO and marketing classes which helped me to understand how search engines work http://www.gnc-web-creations.com/. My business grew steadily and even when the economy crashed, my sales grew. I credit this to all the fine folks that have helped me along my journey. And this year… even though I don’t do New Year’s resolutions…. I did agree with myself that I must start blogging regularly. I am not motivated to say much so it has been a major struggle. BUT… as always.. I attracted a teacher and motivator. It had been awhile since I took Cricket’s class so I wanted to see if anything has changed that I need to know about. She updated her classes to include a blog challenge to people motivated to write daily on their blogs. And here I am… blogging for 4 days in a row.

Why am I telling you this? Besides wanting to thank these good and generous people…. I want to help you learn to attract what you want in life. I want you to attract the help you need. I don’t ask for wealth when I manifest. I want to attract ways to create wealth on my own. I am not a skilled person. I am a very slow learner. But I have learned to attract help. You can do the same. Next time you are struggling to understand something…. imagine yourself sending your desire for help… out into the vast universe… where it makes connections to the right person that can help you. Give it a shot!

You can also change it from practical help to spiritual help. Ask your angels or the universe or whatever works for you to help you connect and receive messages or guidance.