• spirituality ·
  • crown chakra·
  • power & force – add when needed to rituals
  • protection of the innocent
  • can be used in spells for relief from injustice or for protection.


  • peace, tranquility – use for relaxation, stress relief & meditation
  • communication – helps w/ getting message across thru spoken or written word or understanding in relationship problems.
  • Light blue – throat chakra
  • dark blue – 3rd eye chakra
  • west direction
  • element – water


  • money, luck
  • fertility – creativity, growing things or pregnancy
  • healing and health
  • growth and expansion
  • love
  • heart chakra
  • north direction
  • element – earth


  • joy, happiness – raises the spiritual vibration
  • solar plexus chakra
  • money
  • east direction
  • element – air
  • follow up to a curse removal to raise the vibration
  • Can help w/ depression.


  • elevatate mood & vibration
  • aids in love affair problems
  • balance, adaptability
  • energy
  • naval chakra


  • root chakra
  • love, passion, sex
  • energy, vigor
  • courage
  • south direction
  • element –  fire


  • love drawing
  • aids in emotional healing of a broken heart or grief
  • smooths over problem between friends
  • honor, morality
  • weight loss


  • grounding
  • connecting to earth energy
  • north direction
  • element –  earth


  • grounding
  • protection
  • secrecy


  • purify, cleanse
  • can be used to represent deity
  • protection
  • truth
  • it can be used as a suitable replacement for any other color


  • goddess
  • female energy
  • moon or night time


  • god
  • male energy
  • sun or day time

Dressing candles refers to rubbing ritual oil into the candle that is related to your desire. It adds power to your energy work.

  • Sit quietly and mentally prepare yourself. Quiet your mind and then think of your desire.
  • Place a drop of oil on your finger tip and rub from the middle of the candle out to the tip as your concentrate on your intention.
  • Repeat to the other end
  • Take a few moments to reflect on your desire. Visualize it coming to fruition.
  • If you have more than one candle to work with, repeat the process to each one.
  • Continue with your spiritual work.


Many practitioners prefer smaller candles for a single use. They will allow it to burn completely out and then bury the candle remains as a final step. Do not leave a burning candle unattended.

To some, blowing a candle out is considered disrespectful. They will pinch it out or use a snuffer.

Candles can be carved with name, date, intention etc…

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