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If I have one superpower, it would be manifesting the right person to help me out. I took a workshop once and though I paid way too much money for this guru, I got one important message out it. When you need or want something, ask your angels for help. I am not the angel kind of person. I am more into quantum physics. I believe that thoughts have energy so you can use them to attract your desires to a certain point. For me… I love to manifest helpers. For 15 years now, I have been running my internet business. When I would get stuck, I would just imagine myself making a connection somehow to someone could help me out. It has worked every single time. I started my internet business with absolutely no idea on how to create a website with a working shopping cart. I was too stubborn to use a free site back when those were popular. I ran into a business group http://www.QFLEA.com That is a connection that has been a huge source of help, advice and wisdom for me. I upgraded to Frontpage and was totally overwhelmed by this huge and complicated web design program. I found Tina Clarke from any-expression.com/ and she rebuilt my site with the new program which made it possible for me to study how it operated. Once my site was looking good… I was directed to Cricket’s internet SEO and marketing classes which helped me to understand how search engines work http://www.gnc-web-creations.com/. My business grew steadily and even when the economy crashed, my sales grew. I credit this to all the fine folks that have helped me along my journey. And this year… even though I don’t do New Year’s resolutions…. I did agree with myself that I must start blogging regularly. I am not motivated to say much so it has been a major struggle. BUT… as always.. I attracted a teacher and motivator. It had been awhile since I took Cricket’s class so I wanted to see if anything has changed that I need to know about. She updated her classes to include a blog challenge to people motivated to write daily on their blogs. And here I am… blogging for 4 days in a row.

Why am I telling you this? Besides wanting to thank these good and generous people…. I want to help you learn to attract what you want in life. I want you to attract the help you need. I don’t ask for wealth when I manifest. I want to attract ways to create wealth on my own. I am not a skilled person. I am a very slow learner. But I have learned to attract help. You can do the same. Next time you are struggling to understand something…. imagine yourself sending your desire for help… out into the vast universe… where it makes connections to the right person that can help you. Give it a shot!

You can also change it from practical help to spiritual help. Ask your angels or the universe or whatever works for you to help you connect and receive messages or guidance.


Every day I get requests from people to pay me to do spells for them. . My goal is to get everyone to become their own guru… minister… alchemist etc… I believe that you are the best person to do energywork for your desire… whether you want to attract love, money, healing or anything else. Spells are nothing more than a prayer enhanced with any combination of words, gestures, candles, incense and other implements. It takes no special skills to do them… it just takes faith in yourself.


Now that things have begun to wind down for me….. I normally take this peaceful period to reflect on the past year…. and the new year I have just entered into. I don’t like New Year resolutions because it’s normally one big thing that is usually broken part way thru the year. I will share my spiritual self-exam w/ you.  Use it as a guide to help you focus your energy towards the things you want to improve or change.

I ask myself questions like this:

  • What happned in 2010 that: you are proud of?
  • that you are not proud of?
  • what choices or changes did you do that worked for you?
  • what ones didn’t?
  • what positive things did you manifest in your life?
  • Did any dreams come to pass?
  • What obstacles did you overcome?
  • What blocks/ challenges held you back?
  • What did you learn from the past year?
  • What inspired or motivated you?
  • Did you inspire anyone else?
  • What disappointments did you experience?
  • What healed you?
  • What made your heart soar?
  • What made you cry?
  • Who do you miss in your life (someone what has passed or just has lost touch)?
  • Did you reach out to anyone in need? Were you there when someone needed you?
  • What made you stronger in 2010 that gives you the confidence to overcome a blockage in 2011?
  • All in all….. do you feel that you evolved spiritually over the past year?
  • What changes do you plan for this year?
  • What can you do differently?
  • What that went well for you can you continue doing?
  •  What is something that you can’t change but need to accept and then let it go?
  • What is something new that you want to learn or explore?
  • What goals have you set for yourself (personally, professionally, financially, romantically, spiritually)?

May 2001 be a year of profound blessings, joy, good health, love and prosperity!

Love & Blessings!


Count your Blessings!

Did you know thoughts and words have energy? Like energy attracts like energy in the spiritual realms. Negative thoughts and words can create negative results. Ever have “one of those days” and you dare to ask what else could possibly go wrong next… and next thing you know…. Something happens to bring your mood down even further? A huge example can be seen in the news as the American economic crisis unfolds. The media fed us fear over the last 8 years on the economy, folks began to worry and react. Like a giant snowball, this problem started from a tiny snowflake into a huge monster because they continually gave us reasons to be fearful.

BUT…. The good news is that positive energy can have just the opposite affect. You see, no amount of worry can do anything to change the situation our government has put us in. There is really nothing any of us can do short of writing our leaders and expressing our concerns. So, if there is nothing you can do, then you need to put that concern on a shelf for now. Life is too short to worry about problems that haven’t yet come to pass. If and when they do, you can then take action towards your own solution to dealing with it.

What can I do now?

Start a blessing journal. I’m talking about little things that happen during the day that make you smile inside. It might be something like finding a dollar in the parking lot or winning a buck with a scratch off ticket. Or your child blowing you a kiss or saying something that makes you laugh your butt off. It might be the beauty of a spider web dripping with dew or your dog licking the tears off your face. It might be more practical like your electric bill dropped $20 this month or you didn’t get stopped in road construction today. The idea is to pay attention to the tiniest things for which you are thankful. Write them down. Set a daily goal of 10 or 20. You might want to purchase a journal that strikes your fancy and a matching pen. You can just use a spiral notebook. It doesn’t matter. Being mindful is all it takes.

What in God’s name are you talking about?!

By keeping this journal, you are looking for things for which to be thankful…. Things that brought a little lift to your spirit even if only for a fleeting second. Writing them takes a little effort and discipline. But it also helps keep your mind thinking of new things to add. In other words, it makes you more aware.

How does this work?

I have shown you what fear does with the drastic example of the media and the American public. From that, you can see what fear does. It causes us to react and change our behaviors. Fear is a negative emotion…. And it has negative results. With that in mind, what difference would your life have if you turned your focus from fear towards hope? Have you ever worried to death about something and it didn’t get any better? Worry can’t fix anything. If a situation is negative it can’t be fixed with negativity.

Positive situations don’t need fixed. With the infusion of more positive energy, it only gets better.

By training your mind to focus towards the positive, you are empowered to overcome the negative. Bad things will happen to all of us. It can never be fixed with negative emotions.

So… by looking for reasons to feel blessed, you will start to become more and more aware of that feeling in your day. As you feel that little lift, your emotional vibration increases. This mindfulness is very habit forming. You will not only feel better, but you will also notice that things tend to go your way more often. Some would call that coincidence or even say it’s your imagination. But those who work with energy understand that like energy attracts like energy. What you are doing is using the law of attraction to create a happier state of mind.

How will counting my blessings help me?

The more blessed you feel, the more blessing you attract. And when life throws you a curve ball, you will be able to focus on the solution, not the problem. If there is no solution, then you understand that you have to change focus towards something positive. And when troublesome situations pop up, you already know that you have to calm down and keep your emotions in check. Find a silver lining in the problem and expand upon it.

How do I find the time?

If you are looking for time, it isn’t there. If you make the time, then you will have it. It takes maybe 5 or 10 minutes a day to do this. Keep your journal with you. Write when you sit at the doctor’s office. Write while waiting for your kid’s sport to begin. Write while you wait in traffic.

Is there anything else I can do?

Yes! You can share this practice with others. The country (and world) runneth over with negative energy. If more and more Americans would focus on the good things in our lives rather than the bad, we could actually change the negative situation to a place of hope once again.  Hope is a very powerful positive emotion. If I had a TV show I could reach lots of people. Since I don’t, I’m doing it one person at a time.

1 week challenge

All I ask of you is that you do this for one week. Set a goal of 10 or more blessings per day. See how your emotional state is at the end of the challenge. See if anything has improved in your life over that period. What do you have to lose but negative energy?

Cool idea!

If you have shared this with others, you can all get together weekly or monthly for coffee and to share your experiences. Talking to others who also work from this higher state of mind will take you even higher.

An Invitation

I have formed a manifesting group online. If you want to share your experiences or discuss this powerful tool for creating change, please feel free to comment on my blog.

My Goal

My goal for this is to try to overcome the negativity in this country/ world caused  by the irresponsibility of our leaders which is exploited by the media. My goal is to empower the public by teaching them to focus away from fear and towards hope.  My goal is to give you tools to free yourself from the downward spiral we all face from time to time.  Look at the difficulties that past generations have overcome (Holocaust, The Great Depression etc…). Our problems pale in comparison. Facing life’s challenges is part of life as we know it.  You can be crippled or crushed by it or you can use it to evolve spiritually.

I encourage you to research this further by checking out the following resources.

Book/ DVD What the Bleep?

Book / DVD The Secret

Book Messages in Water by Dr. Emoto (which inspired the top 2 books

Anything by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Allegheny Candles

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May your life be filled to overflowing with blessings of every kind!