How to make a gem elixir

A gem elixir is water that has been charged with the metaphysical properties of one or more crystals and/ or gemstones. Creating a gem elixir is very easy and inexpensive.

§ 1 or more crystals or gemstones that possess the metaphysical properties that you are interested in. My website lists the qualities of many popular stones that are easily obtainable.
§ a glass pitcher, jar or bowl
§ clean spring, well or mineral water – city water has many chemicals which makes unsuitable

1. Wash the crystal(s) with dish soap and water and rinse well.
2. Meditate with the crystals in your hand. Program them by telling them what it is you want them to help with (pain relief, attract love, lose weight etc….)
3. Place crystals in the bottom of the clean glass container
4. fill the container up to the desired level with water
5. allow the container to sit in a sunny window for at least 24 hours – it is even better if you choose the day of the full moon so you get a nicely balanced yin and yang energy to the elixir
6. Using a clean spoon, remove the stones from the water so they are not accidentally swallowed.
7. You can drink the water as it is.
§ You can also make it into herbal tea or other beverages. However, steer away from artificial sweeteners, colors and caffeine.
§ You can also rub the water on the area on the body that needs help.
§ Elixirs can be used on pets and plants too. Just remember to remove the stones so your pet doesn’t swallow them.
§ You can add the elixir to bath water
§ I’m sure you will think of other ways to put your gem elixir to use.


For added potency, you can handwrite positive and inspiring words and symbols and tape them facing into the container. For example: if you are trying to lose weight, you might draw a big minus sign.. and your weight goal… and words that make you think of being thin. Write it all down… and tape them facing into the container. Keep in mind that a glass container of water magnifies whatever is seen through it. So your words and symbols are magnified. This method of creating elixirs with water and words comes from Dr. Emoto’s Messages in Water. I highly recommend that you read it. Dr. Emoto photographed pictures of ice crystals on glass. He began to wonder what would happen if he played classical music to it. He was amazed that the crystals became more intricate and beautiful. He began to experiment with words like “love” and “gratitude” taped to the glass and found the same results. He tested water before and after being blessed by Monks.. and spring water from Lourdes to create incredibly beautiful crystals. He pondered what would happen if he taped negative words like “hate” or “war”. If crystals did form, they were distorted and ugly. Many times the water wouldn’t even form crystals…. Instead… the water appeared to become putrid. So imagine, if blessing water can improve it’s crystal formation, imagine what it will do for your body since you are more than 60% water.

To find out what crystals you need for your elixir, please check my crystal magick page.