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How to Get Rid of Spirits – What causes a haunting?

There are many kinds of hauntings.

Residual haunting:

A residual haunting a pattern that repeats itself. It may be something that the person had done often and then died tragically (murder, suicide or sudden unexpected death). Perhaps it was a person that was so dedicated to their task that they continue to do it even in death. For example: most lighthouses are haunted. The keeper would have a lot of responsibility weighing on his shoulders keeping the light going especially during bad weather. He would be walking the staircase regularly to make sure ships caught in the storms could find their way safely to land. Today, this sounds silly as we have the technology to guide us. But eons ago, the lighthouse keeper had many lives that depended on his reliability. Someone who has that kind of task, may continue to do so even after their passing whether tragic or not. So in visiting a lighthouse today, you may experience a chill or a presence or you may see an actual apparition of the keeper on the stairs he walked so often. This sort of haunting is harmless as they are just repeating an old pattern and not interacting in any way. A residual haunting is not a spirit, it is a ghost. You can’t remove the ghost because it is simply a recording of a past event. You may see residual hauntings on haunted battlefields, hospitals, prisons and such. They can happen anywhere though. A farmer may have made thousands of trips to his barn to care for his stock. A lady may have walked to work everyday for years because she had no car. They may not have met a tragic death. This was just something so was so engrained in the existence that it continues on.

Intelligent haunting:

This is a type of haunting in which a spirit may interact with a human. It may even perform tasks that you request. If you watch ghost hunting shows on TV, you will see them ask them to do something like light a flash light, move and object or make a noise. The ghost hunters do this not just to gain evidence that ghosts so exist, but also to determine what kind of haunting they have on their hands. This is probably the most common type of haunting there is. If you have a home or place of work where you have this type of haunting and it makes you uncomfortable, you may be able to verbally get the spirit to leave just by reasoning with it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to find a clergy member to do the job.

I have lived in haunted homes and this kind of haunting doesn’t concern me. I use it as an opportunity to learn more about spirit communication. I will have to add a story to my blog about a child ghost that occupied my metaphysical store. He seemed to want to teach me how to communicate with spirit. Though he followed me home and stayed with me for a year and a half, when I left the store for a better location, he stayed at the old building (where an attorney now has his office).

Poltergeist haunting:

A true poltergeist haunting is not so common. Like the intelligent haunting, the spirit may interact with humans. It will often attach to the energy of a young family member. Poltergeists can be very active creating chaos and panic in the home. Objects may move, go missing or fly through the air. There may be loud noises like foot steps, knocking, doors slamming or banging on the walls or ceiling and other unexplainable noises. The poltergeist is attracted to someone (usually young) that may have psychic abilities though they may not even be aware of it. Kids do not have an adult’s normal skepticism so it would not be hard to find one they could work with. Often this is a child or household that has a lot of negativity around it. Most kids are just entering adolescence when the poltergeist activity occurs. That is the point where a child is no longer an innocent child nor are they the skeptical adult. This is an odd period where a child is discovering the world on their own terms resulting in stress within the family unit. This is the point where a child starts to think for themselves. A poltergeist can be a challenge to get rid of because the child is the doorway in which it uses. You need to deal with the child which is difficult at that age. You can also weaken the bond between the spirit and child with purification. It is important that nobody in the home be involved in any type of spiritual activity such as tarot reading, Ouija board use, reading or being involved with anything relating to the occult. That is what opens the door for spirit activity. The family must take on the attitude of total skepticism regarding spirits (which closes the doorway). You must avoid any TV shows or movies relating to spirits, haunting or the occult. You must never speak of spirits or the experience further. Fear and curiousity will reopen the doorway. If you are religious, you may want to become regular members of the church (not just holidays). Go together as a family to create solidarity. Cleanse and bless your home with sage. Instructions are on the top of my blog.

Demonic haunting:

Demonic hauntings are rare, thankfully. These are non-human entities that are powerful enough to scare people from their homes. A demonic haunting can be absolutely terrifying to experience. There may be hot spots, cold spots, loud noises, growls, doors slamming, loud foot steps, laughter, whispers, shouts, moans and groans, loud noises of undetermined means, lights or electronics turning on and off, objects moving or disappearing, objects flying through the air, foul odors, and much more. The most terrifying psychic phenomenon would be seeing an apparition or having physical contact with it. The apparition may be humanoid looking, black, white or gray mist, orbs or lights, shadows or creatures that are animal-like. Physical contact could include the entity passing through you, a touch, slap or scratch. Any of these would be enough to send most people running. My guess is that is what the entity wants. Perhaps they are territorial. Nobody can know for sure. I, for one, would not give up my home. I would do a purification and remove the offending spirits and close the doors that allow them to come through.

 Demonic Possession:

A genuine demonic possession is the rarest of all the hauntings encountered. This is a case where a spirit takes control of the body of a person. Most possessions are mental conditions that could be controlled with the proper treatment. Others may be people seeking attention. A genuine demonic possession would be treated the same as a home purification. You are basically evicting the spirit and closing the door that has allowed it to enter.

 Note: A medium may become apparently possessed as she (or he) opens the door for spirit communications to commence. This may be deliberate through a séance. And though a professional medium may be running the séance, it may not be the actual medium that becomes the channel (doorway). The spirit may be drawn to another sitter to the séance. This doesn’t normally become a problem as a séance should be created using proper protection. You are opening a doorway for communication but not allowing them to gain entry. Though the medium may talk in a new voice (perhaps with an accent or that of the opposite gender), have different mannerisms and speak as if the spirit has inhabited the body, she is not really possessed. She is a channel for the spirit. She is like a telephone in which it speaks through. She may see through it’s eyes and feel what it feels and so forth, but the protections prevent it from invading her body. This is why you must learn grounding and protection before doing any kind of spiritual work. I have directions for that on my blog.


How to break a curse

This is an excerpt from an email response from a customer that was told by a psychic that she was cursed. I get many orders from those believing they are cursed because a psychic told them so. If I can help a few people avoid the scam that awaits them or the depression from the hopelessness of believing they are cursed, then my work will not have been in vain. Please share this w/ anyone who goes to psychics.


Let me save you some worry. Your “psychic” is lying to you. It is a scam
used to gain control over you with fear. Bad things happen to everyone.
BUT….. when someone tells you that you are cursed, you begin to only focus
on the negative things that happen. A psychic scammer knows that this will
happen and soon u will be back to her for the “curse removal”. That’s when
she starts befriending you and working towards larger dollar amounts as your
trust grows.

Anyone who plays this scam is not a true psychic. They are a professional
scammer. if they told you anything that was true…. they managed to glean
the information through you by working the conversation strategically to
gather information through your comments, reactions and body language. These
scammers are trained to notice EVERYTHING about you. Your appearance alone
tells a book about you before you even sit down. They use this and build
upon it and gain your respect by telling you what is obvious. They read your
reactions and oven tho you don’t know it…. they have pried out more info
than the CIA could drag from you.

I know this b/c I could do exactly what they do. I would never hurt anyone
who was coming to me for hope and good news. I choose to empower people b/c
everyone has the ability to improve their life through faith in themselves.

Sure…. you can still use my tranquility spell candle if you want to because we all
have negativity in our lives which can be changed to positive. HOWEVER…. I
am telling you that you are NOT cursed. You are blessed! I want you to
believe this and focus only on the positive things that happen each day.
Keep a journal. As you do this…. you can create a snowball effect. You
have a choice….. the snowball effect for negativity (you are cursed) or
positivity (you are blessed)? Which do you want?????? Feed energy only to
positive and that is where you will head. Sometimes a flat tire is just a
flat tire b/c you put off the expense of new tires. That isn’t a curse….
that life. The only curse we have in life…. is the one we put on ourselves
when we believe we are curse and then feed energy to that thought.

This is why a strongly spiritual person like myself begs people to
avoid psychics. A seed planted in your head can grow into something very
beautiful… or something very horrible. Since I can’t tell you what a
psychic might say to you…. I choose to tell everyone to avoid them

May you see only the blessings in you life and that you are strong enough to
gain control over anything negative!!!!! No spells needed…. Just faith!