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How to Program a crystal

 What does it mean to program a crystal?

Programming a crystal is somewhat like a computer program. You have a computer program to do a certain task. A crystal program would be the same. Consider what you want this crystal to do. Here are some ideas:

  • Meditation aid
  • Crystal healing
  • Psychic awareness
  • Protection
  • Good luck charm
  • Empower other crystals
  • Crystal reading – crystal divination
  • Ritual or ceremonial use
  • To create sacred items like jewelry or décor
  • Energy to be used to plants
  • Crystallizing drinking water
  • Making gem elixirs
  • Ritual oils

Prepare to Program a crystal

Before you program the crystal is to purify the crystal. There are several ways to do this.

  • Light some sage or incense and hold the crystal in the smoke which will cleanse away any previous programming or negative energy.
  • Place the crystal in sea salt or salt water over night
  • Place your crystal in a stream of running water where it won’t be washed downstream and lost. Take care to place it where someone won’t find it and that you will remember where it was placed.

Ask you angels or guides to clear away all energies in the crystal so that it is open and ready to receive a new program. Ask that it be blessed that it become a tool for the greater good of all and that it only work in the highest of energy vibrations.

How to Program a crystal:

  1. Contemplate what you want the crystal to do. Envision that in your mind’s eye.
  2. Hold the crystal in the hand you do not write with (receptive hand). Lay your other hand (projective hand) on top.
  3. Breath in very deeply through your nose pulling air into the very bottom of your lungs till they are totally filled up.
  4. As you take this first, clean, fresh air from the universe, see it in your mind’s eye, going into your lungs and into your blood and right down to the cells. Purifying your body and energizing it.
  5. Pause for a count of 5
  6. Exhale slowly through the mouth, expelling all of the air from your lungs and onto your hands.
  7. As you are exhaling, envision this breath as energy flowing from your chest/ heart chakra and up and into your projective arm down towards the crystal…
  8. See your energy flow from your projective hand and into the crystal. See your desire for this crystal making a connection with the crystal.. you may see little sparkles from the crystal as if thinks are shifting to accept the new program.
  9. Exhale totally till your lungs feel like a vacuum.
  10. Now inhale deeply and pull your energy through the crystal combined with some of the crystal energy.
  11. Pull this energy down through your receptive hand.
  12. Envision your energy blending with the crystal energy in your body.
  13. Pull that energy as you inhale deeply like the first time, through the nose into your heart chakra.
  14. Hold 5 seconds
  15.  Repeat the entire process until you can feel the spiritual connection between you and the crystal. Now your crystal is programmed and attuned to your energy.
  16. You are done when it feels right.
  17. Thank your angels and guides for the help.

How to Cleanse or Purify Crystals
Cleansing should be done in a way that you feel most comfortable with. It should be done when you acquire a new stone and before each use.

  • Salt: Bury your stone(s) in sea salt for 24 hours.
  • Sun or Full moon: Lay your stone(s) out where they will be blessed by the sun or moon’s rays
  • Running Water: Put your stone(s) in a creek and allow the water to cleanse them (be sure to mark the spot so you can find them again). Be mindful that kids and animals are attracted to them and may take them. Place them where they won’t be easily spotted by passers by. If you don’t have access to a creek, then use running tap water.
    Thunderstorm or snowstorm: Place your stone(s) outside when you know a storm is coming. It it’s not only a powerful cleanser… but an energizer as well.
  • Meditation and Prayer: Meditate or pray over your stone(s) and visualize the negativity being cleared away.
  • Smudging: The smoke from sage, herbs, resins and incense can be used to “smudge” negativity. Ignite the sage and blow it out so it smolders. Fan the smoke over your stone(s). You can find a variety of sage products offered on my website: http://www.alleghenycandles.com/sage-smudge-stick.html
  • Earth: Bury your stone(s) during the full moon. Dig them up when they “feel” finished or during the next full moon. Remember to mark the spot so you can find them again.

How to Program a crystal
If you have a specific purpose for your stone, then you may want to program it with certain energies as an aid for your work. (healing, meditation, channeling, divination, cleansing, affirmations, manifesting, protection etc…)
Hold the stone in your receptive hand (the one you do not write with). Visualize your energies mingling and you merging with the stone. At this point, you should RESPECTFULLY ask the stone (in your mind) if it is willing to be programmed for your purpose. If you don’t feel resistance, then visualize your programming going into the molecules of the stone. Remember to express your gratitude when you have finished.
How to use crystals:

Wearing: You can put stone in your pocket or purse and meditate on them when the time allows. You can often find pouch necklaces that allow you to wear them around your neck. The good thing about that is you can change them and mix and match as your needs change. You can wear stones in the form of jewelry.
Gemstone Elixer: Add one or more stones that have the properties to suit your needs to a glass of spring water. Allow it to sit over night during a full moon or during the day in the sunlight. Remove the stones (expressing your gratitude for their help) and take a moment to reflect upon the energies you have charged the water with. Drink the water and feel it entering each cell in your body and reaching into your DNA where it can repair and energize problem areas. You will find further instructions on my blog.
Meditation: select stones to help you with the desired outcome of your meditation (relaxation, healing, chakra balancing, channeling etc..). Use you intuition to see where it should be placed (held in your receptive hand, on a chakra, on your 3rd eye). This can become a very complex use so I recommend that you find a book that will you guide you further into meditation and healing with crystals. I offer several which are linked below with the chakra healing information.
Ritual Bath: Select some stones for your bath water. As you soak, feel the energized water soaking into your skin.
In the home: Stones can be placed around the home or office wherever you feel drawn to place them (out of the reach of small children and pets). If you have a collection of small stones that would easily be lost, place them in a bowl, basket or large seashell and sit them on a sunny windowsill.

Chakra Crystal Healing: This is a very detailed subject which I will cover in another post.