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Understanding Spiritual Clarity

I offer custom spell candles and crystal jewelry to offer customers a spiritual tool to help them create the change the desire they want in their life. When I decided to offer this option, I thought it would be rather straight forward. But after 5 years of offering this extra service, I have noticed that many of those people order something custom because they don’t know what it is that they really want.

Imagine going to restaurant and the waiter comes to your table and he asks what you would like for dinner. If you aren’t sure, you may ask for his suggestion or for more time to look at your menu. You make ask your companions what they are going to choose. This is good. You are exposing yourself to options or getting inspired by other people’s feedback. But in the end, you have to tell the waiter what you want. If the waiter guessed at what you want, you may end up with shellfish. That may be exactly what you wanted which is good. But what if you are very allergic to shellfish?

Many people visit my site looking for answers. They have an emptiness that they can’t put a finger on. I don’t think anyone could argue that if they knew what that empty spot was, they would figure out how to fill it up. So they search my site, not knowing what they want but hoping something will be the answer. They often buy one of my custom spell candles or gemstone bracelets. When you order a custom spiritual item from me, I ask you to briefly tell me what it is that you want to attract or change. I thought that was an easy question. It is not for many people. I may get a 3 page email that is very scattered. There is no focus. I have to sift through the email to find out what it is that this person needs. When I make anything custom, I ask my guides to help me create what serves this customer’s needs best. Almost every time I get one of those scattered emails asking for my help, one word sums up that scattered energy. CLARITY!

In spirituality, clarity refers to “knowing or understanding”. When I want to help someone find clarity. I want them to move past all the drama and chaos to SEE and UNDERSTAND what they really want.

I learned many valuable lessons in the martial arts. You will move where your focus lies. You have to understand what it is that needs to be done and focus beyond all the chaos to what your goal really is. If you focus on the drama and chaos, you can’t move past it. In the martial arts, the secret to breaking a board with your hand isn’t focusing on the surface of the board. To break the board, you focus PAST the board. When you focus on the board, your strike stops at the surface because your mind sees that as the goal and takes you there. When you focus beyond the board, your mind moves through the board and to the place where you told it you wanted to go. When you do not break the board, it is very painful and you step back and wonder what you did wrong. When you break the board correctly, there is no pain. It is effortless. So if a flesh and bone arm or leg can break boards or cement EFFORTLESSLY…. Then why is life so difficult? I don’t think it has to be. Some people sail through life because they are focused BEYOND what looks like the goal. The rest of us keep hitting the surface, wondering what we are doing wrong and why life is so difficult for us. We focus on the very thing we want to break through.

The trick in this spiritual quest of direction is to learn what it is that you want, where you want your focus to be. The hardest part of spirituality is self-discovery. Who am I? What do I want/ need in my life right now? What is working? What is not working?

I’m going to end this post here. This is enough to get your mind working for now. I am going to do another post to give you ideas and exercises in spiritual self-discovery.


I can’t believe it! After I closed my metaphysical store called the Talking Tree back in DuBois , PA 3 years ago due to divorce, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to afford another store. Well it looks like spirit wants me to get back into running a metaphysical store. I found a perfect building (even had angel murals on the walls) that was within my price range. So I bought it. I will be closing the deal in 2 weeks. It will take a month or 2 to get things set -up.

This was a huge lesson in manifesting for me. I loved running my store back in DuBois. My customers became friends. I loved my psychics. Every day was something different and unique. I really loved inspiring conversations with people who were different from myself. After my divorce, I moved to western PA to be near my parents. I got a day job and ran the business on the side. That seemed ok for a year or two. But I started to realize that though the money was good, my quality of life was not. I have NO social life. Work at the bank…. come home and work at the business… and on the weekends, I would have to mow grass, clean house, do laundry and get ready to start over again on Monday morning.

I started to realize how much I missed my spiritual self and my spiritual friends . There was no time for it.  I started watching OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) Super Soul Sunday.  She always has great teachers on there. But the message is always the same.  Take that leap of faith into following your passion. I was going to open a store in my home but knew people wouldn’t be able to find me.  So I “put it out there” that if I was to follow my passion… my bliss… I would need a building that I could afford. I saw one downtown and looked online for it. I never did find it on the MLM. But in looking for it, I found a building that I drive past every day. I never considered it because I didn’t think I could afford it because it so nice and is so much better than my old store. When I found that listing, I realized it was priced exactly what I had to spend. I tossed if back and forth for weeks. One day I was for… the next day I was against it.  I just couldn’t decide.  I decided if it was meant to be, then everything would come through easily.  This is the easiest real estate deal I ever did because I had absolutely no attachment to the outcome. I figured that if it was the right thing for me, I would get it. If not, then I would be better off not getting back into a store. There has not been one glitch along the way. Everything has fallen into place with no stress or worry from me. 

My greatest fear in life is to not take a chance given to me that would allow me to live a very fulfilled life. I remember sitting in my first metaphysical shop thinking that I was so very blessed to be allowed to make a living doing something I love. I lost all of that and the opportunity presented itself again. I almost turned it down. And I realized I would spend the next 20 years working and existing and NOT enjoying this wonderfully free period in my life.  I am on the very edge of stepping into the unknown. I am terrified and exhilarated at the same time. I fear failure… but I fear stagnation even more. I am taking that leap of faith. If I fail… I fail knowing I tried my very best. If I succeed… I get to spend the rest of my years running one of the most interesting businesses you can have. I can LOVE getting up every day to see what I will experience today at work. Who will walk through the door with the most interesting story of the day.

I hope that if you are near western Pennsylvania, you will stop by my metaphysical store for a visit!




I get many questions about attracting wealth through spells and such. The truth is, it doesn’t take spells to attract wealth. In fact, no magick is necessary at all. There is one easy rule to remember:

“It takes money to make money”…. In the spiritual world, like energy attracts like energy.

Most people think one needs to attract wealth to become wealthy. The secret to attracting wealth is to stop the flow of money OUT of your life. Living beyond our means is an epidemic in this country. We want others to see our success so we buy homes and cars that are beyond our budget hoping others will be impressed with the illusion we have created. We waste money on clothing, jewelry and cosmetics at our own financial peril. We wine and dine and vacation like royalty.

The #1 thing you can do to CREATE wealth is to eliminate debt. When you borrow money through a loan or a credit card, you pay interest. Store credit cards are the worst! Some are 35+%. Pull out your current credit card bills and look at your credit card percentage rates. Those rates don’t matter if you pay your balance off every month. If not…. Think of it like this. If you have a store credit card at 35% and you run a balance each month. You are paying $35 for every $100.00. If you made a very large purchase because the store had an irresistible sale and you don’t pay the balance off when the bill comes in. You have not only lost that bargain… you are probably paying much more than the original price if you take a long period of time to pay it off. The store gives coupons to be used with those with the store cards in hopes people over-spend so they can’t pay off the balance. The store makes back that money plus more in interest fees. If you have gone over your credit limit with that shopping spree…. There will also be a fee (probably $40.00 or more). Read your credit card statement to find out just how much money the store or bank that offers the card makes from lending you money! They love it when you are late with a payment and go over your credit limit because they profit from your weakness.

The secret to creating wealth isn’t magick, it is financial discipline. When you borrow money, someone else makes money from you. Because you don’t have money… they use their money to make money from you. When you save money, your money begins to make money for you. As the economy improves, you will be able to make a better profit from your own money. For now, focus on paying down debts. The sooner you stop paying interest to others, the faster you generate a nest egg that can be invested.

A money saving tip is to pay your bills on time. Look at your bills and see what fees they charge if you are late. My oil company gives me a 5% discount for paying within 10 days of my fill-up. You bet that I get it there in a day or so. Many bills will give a discount for paying on time or a penalty for paying after a certain date. This adds up especially when you consider multiple bills every month. It doesn’t sounds like much….. but if you add up over a year what you give to these companies and get nothing in return. This is pure profit for them.

Do you overdraft you bank accounts? Check out those fees! If you want prosperity in your life…. Stop spending what you can’t afford. Pay off debts and start saving. Learn to be satisfied with what you can safely afford. Over time, if you have saved and invested wisely, that will grow. And the great thing is…. As you have more to work with, the better rates you will get.

Check out the interest rates on a savings account and CDs. Right now… they are around 1% if you are lucky. Back when our economy was good, they were around 5%. The rates now are terrible but will improve as the economy improves. So for now… there is no good, guaranteed and risk-free place to grow interest on your money. BUT…. It doesn’t take a financial guru to see that financial companies are making a huge profit from those to whom they give credit. You won’t make big money saving right now. But, if you are using credit, you are paying large fees for that credit. Stop borrowing… start saving!

I have a few rules that I keep for myself to keep me from spending more than I save.

1. Forget that you have a savings account. It’s not a savings if you keep taking the money out. I do use mine for tax money. I put it in savings and allow it to build interest until taxes come due. Only that amount comes out. It can be used for emergencies (a broken furnace is an emergency… a vacation is not) but must be paid back as quickly as possible.
2. You can set up your checking account so that a certain amount automatically gets transferred to savings each month. You won’t even miss it but over time, it will build up and you will thank yourself for it.
3. When you pay off a debt, take that amount and add it to what you pay on another debt until you run out of debts. Once there, your money can make money for you. You have just changed the energy flow of your wealth flow from negative to positive when you get rid of debt.
4. NEVER borrow from your retirement fund.
5. Stop overspending on gifts for others. The items you put on your store credit card for Christmas… will likely end up in a yard sale in the spring while you are still paying on it. If you have a large family that feels that adults need gifts…. Then institute a gift exchange so each person buys 1 gift and gets one gift.
6. Stop trying to impress others. Buy a smaller house and a smaller car. No, you won’t impress anyone but yourself when you have money left over at the end of the month for the savings.
7. A new car…. Once driven off the lot loses 20% of it’s value. Think twice before buying new. Take a trusted friend who knows cars to help you find a good used one and run it into the ground. Don’t even consider leasing a car!
8. When you need something from the store…. Don’t lose sight. The stores love to woo buyers with sales and coupons. Buy only what you came for and don’t be tempted.
9. Always look for a better job or money making opportunity
10. Remember…. $100 wasted at a thrift store is as bad as $100 spent at Abercrombie’s. Pass it up and put in the bank or towards a debt.
11. Always ask yourself…. Is this a need or a want? Can it wait till I am free of debt? How much will it REALLY cost me in the end with fees and interest? How will I feel about this item 2 years from now?
12. Be careful when choosing a mate. If you are a saver and your new spouse is a spend thrift, you may find that your mate can spend faster than you can save. This is a major reason for divorce. Find someone that has similar financial goals and level of responsibility. Teach financial responsibility to your kids and set an example for them.
13. Credit cards can be a good thing. Use them wisely. Use your credit card rather than your debit card with your living expenses. At the end of the month, pay off that balance. If you have one that has cash back rewards (or other rewards), you may even come out ahead. This builds a good credit history for you. BUT…. The catch is that you must be very disciplined in your spending so you can’t spend more than you can pay off. Once you carry a balance, you are going to pay interest. This is where people get into trouble. This is where the credit card companies want you to be because they make money. They don’t make anything from you if you pay off the balance. If you do create a balance you can’t pay off, put the card away until the balance is paid off. If this becomes a pattern, you lack the discipline to use this system to build credit.
14. Gambling for profit is just plain STUPID! Gamble a little for fun. Don’t gamble because it might pay off. Those casinos don’t wine and dine you because they like you. Same goes for lottery tickets and bingo. Go for fun and set a small limit. Leave credit and debit cards at home. Take a small amount of cash and quit when it runs out. Have a good time! BUT….. let it end when the money runs out. It only takes 1 ticket to win the lottery. The odds are so bad that 100 tickets won’t make it any more likely that you will win. If you normally spend $100 per week on gambling, you are already wealthy. You are just giving it away.

I am not telling you that prosperity spells don’t work. I am telling you that wealth is already there within your reach. The only thing standing between you and wealth are your choices. Are you spending or saving? Is the illusion of wealth keeping you from genuine wealth? Do you drink or smoke a lot? Get your hair and nails done regularly? Trade your car in every year? Eating out every day? Examine the energy of your prosperity flow. What is coming in each month? What is going out? What is being saved or invested?

Track your spending for a month… every last penny. Who is getting your wealth?
You or a lender?

Looking at your finances from an energy standpoint…. If you have debt, you are paying fees and losing interest while the company that gave you credit made a big profit from it. Your paycheck is a material manifestation of your work. So you worked (energy) and made this money (energy). If you have debt, you have to pay what you owe plus interest and fees. Which means you are giving your energy to someone else like water down the drain.

If you pay down debts…. You stem that flow of energy. The more you pay off, the less that goes out. Once you pay off debt, you slow it to a trickle. You can’t completely stop the flow of energy because you have to pay for utilities, food and living expenses and taxes. You pay for what you use. You use energy to heat your home so you give energy (through money you worked for) in exchange. It balances out. BUT…. There is now surplus energy because you stopped the flow to a lender. So that is saved and invested which creates a new inward flow (paycheck and interest). Done correctly, you can have more coming in from the invested money than you are spending on the living expenses. That has a big compounding effect. Cha Ching!!!! Now you have the flow of wealth working in your favor. Your money is now making more money.

You see… you don’t need the lottery or a deceased wealthy relative to be wealthy. Look to your financial energy flow. Keep more then you use… and you are working towards wealth. No magick needed.

Keep in mind…. many people come into wealth through luck. However, the outgoing flow soon depletes their funds and they are back where they started. You must always keep more coming in than going out. It is ok to share. In fact I believe that prosperity shared comes back to you. However, there is balance once again. You can’t give more than you take in or you will lose the ability to give at some point.

Hey….. can someone forward this to congress? They don’t get it yet *lol*.