I can’t believe it! After I closed my metaphysical store called the Talking Tree back in DuBois , PA 3 years ago due to divorce, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to afford another store. Well it looks like spirit wants me to get back into running a metaphysical store. I found a perfect building (even had angel murals on the walls) that was within my price range. So I bought it. I will be closing the deal in 2 weeks. It will take a month or 2 to get things set -up.

This was a huge lesson in manifesting for me. I loved running my store back in DuBois. My customers became friends. I loved my psychics. Every day was something different and unique. I really loved inspiring conversations with people who were different from myself. After my divorce, I moved to western PA to be near my parents. I got a day job and ran the business on the side. That seemed ok for a year or two. But I started to realize that though the money was good, my quality of life was not. I have NO social life. Work at the bank…. come home and work at the business… and on the weekends, I would have to mow grass, clean house, do laundry and get ready to start over again on Monday morning.

I started to realize how much I missed my spiritual self and my spiritual friends . There was no time for it.  I started watching OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) Super Soul Sunday.  She always has great teachers on there. But the message is always the same.  Take that leap of faith into following your passion. I was going to open a store in my home but knew people wouldn’t be able to find me.  So I “put it out there” that if I was to follow my passion… my bliss… I would need a building that I could afford. I saw one downtown and looked online for it. I never did find it on the MLM. But in looking for it, I found a building that I drive past every day. I never considered it because I didn’t think I could afford it because it so nice and is so much better than my old store. When I found that listing, I realized it was priced exactly what I had to spend. I tossed if back and forth for weeks. One day I was for… the next day I was against it.  I just couldn’t decide.  I decided if it was meant to be, then everything would come through easily.  This is the easiest real estate deal I ever did because I had absolutely no attachment to the outcome. I figured that if it was the right thing for me, I would get it. If not, then I would be better off not getting back into a store. There has not been one glitch along the way. Everything has fallen into place with no stress or worry from me. 

My greatest fear in life is to not take a chance given to me that would allow me to live a very fulfilled life. I remember sitting in my first metaphysical shop thinking that I was so very blessed to be allowed to make a living doing something I love. I lost all of that and the opportunity presented itself again. I almost turned it down. And I realized I would spend the next 20 years working and existing and NOT enjoying this wonderfully free period in my life.  I am on the very edge of stepping into the unknown. I am terrified and exhilarated at the same time. I fear failure… but I fear stagnation even more. I am taking that leap of faith. If I fail… I fail knowing I tried my very best. If I succeed… I get to spend the rest of my years running one of the most interesting businesses you can have. I can LOVE getting up every day to see what I will experience today at work. Who will walk through the door with the most interesting story of the day.

I hope that if you are near western Pennsylvania, you will stop by my metaphysical store for a visit!