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Metaphysical Store Update

It’s funny how life works sometimes. I am a person that goes w/ the flow. For 15 years I have run a lucrative internet business. After my divorce, I relocated and had to get a job so I have health insurance. For the 3 years I have worked and run the business, my goal has been to commit 100% to either the job or the business. I was given a promotion at work so it appears that it’s in my best interest to persue that path. This promotion means I will have to work some evenings and Saturdays and over-time as needed. I will no longer be able to let you know when I will be at the store. I will still be there most evenings and weekends as time allows. But before you make a trip, I advise you to call to make sure I will be there.  724-979-4631

I am considering selling off the business which includes both the brick and mortar store, apartment and the website.  So if you know anyone that is interested, please let me know.

This is not a sad ending for me. It’s like that part of my life has served it’s purpose.  New opportunities are opening for me and I am sure someone else could fulfill their dream with this business as I once did.


Aventurine is a lovely soft green stone that has tiny mica particles within it. Aventurine is used to balance the yin/ yang energies (male/ female), enhancing creativity. Aventurine offers motivation and encourages a “pioneering spirit”. Aventurine is believed to strengthen decisiveness and intensify leadership qualities. It allows the bearer to see the options and potential in a given situation. It allows one to balance the physical, intellectual, emotional and auric bodies.

Aventurine is used in medicine wheel ceremonies to allow enable the spirit guides to connect with emotionally healing the heart. Use aventurine for the energizing the heart chakra and to attract love into one’s life.

Aventurine is useful for creativity and imagination. It aids in happiness, optimism, courage, inner strength, mental clarity and intellect. It is believed that aventurine enhances prosperity and can help one work towards career success. Aventurine may help bring good luck especially in games of chance.

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