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Banish Negative Energy

Sometimes, life can be more than we can handle. The last few years have really hit most of us very hard with debt,  job loss, a government that doesn’t hear us…. And all the good stuff that goes along w/ depression and stress like relationship and health issues.  I have a simple little ritual that can be helpful to anyone no matter what their faith is.

 The problem with negative energy is that we tend to focus on it. Lots of people tell you to journal your concerns. I don’t like that practice because you put it down on paper so it’s there to revisit.

 First step to getting rid of negative issues like job stress is to stop complaining about it. When you complain with others and talk about it… you feed energy to it. You want to do the opposite. Here is what I do:

 1. Write down whatever is bothering you. If you have 5 issues…. Then write them all down. Write down every emotion you feel…. All the facts… names… dates…. how it affected you…. and all that. You can draw pictures or symbols that represent how you feel. You can use crayons or markers with colors.  If you want to cry…. Allow some tears to drop on the paper. Whatever you feel…. Anger… sadness… hopelessness… pour that negative energy into the paper as you write.

2. When you are finished, crumple the paper up and light it on fire and put it in a metal bucket or something fireproof to burn. Take great care when doing this part so as not to burn yourself or cause a fire. Also keep smoke detectors in mind. If you have some, then do then burn the paper outside. You want the paper to burn completely so it turns to ashes (purification!).

3. Then carry the ashes to the bathroom and pour them into the toilet.

4. Then pee on them. Yes…. you read that right! Animals mark territories and establish domination by urination. So when you do this step.. don’t just urinate…. Envision yourself showing power over these issues and that your urine is your way to dominate that which has been bothering you.

5. When you are done. You may want to say a prayer asking for spiritual support from god, goddess, guides, ancestors etc… Flush it all away.

You are banishing that negative energy. The trick is to really let it go. If you dwell upon it again, the negative energy will still be present. So flush and forget. You can do this as often that you need to. Sometimes a problem is on-going like a toxic work environment. You probably won’t resolve the work issues with this method right away. BUT… you may learn how not to allow it into your life when you realize that you can discard it. If you can discard it, then you can also choose not to let it in or at least minimize it’s affect on you.

The ability to overcome negative energy is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal.


How to break a curse

This is an excerpt from an email response from a customer that was told by a psychic that she was cursed. I get many orders from those believing they are cursed because a psychic told them so. If I can help a few people avoid the scam that awaits them or the depression from the hopelessness of believing they are cursed, then my work will not have been in vain. Please share this w/ anyone who goes to psychics.


Let me save you some worry. Your “psychic” is lying to you. It is a scam
used to gain control over you with fear. Bad things happen to everyone.
BUT….. when someone tells you that you are cursed, you begin to only focus
on the negative things that happen. A psychic scammer knows that this will
happen and soon u will be back to her for the “curse removal”. That’s when
she starts befriending you and working towards larger dollar amounts as your
trust grows.

Anyone who plays this scam is not a true psychic. They are a professional
scammer. if they told you anything that was true…. they managed to glean
the information through you by working the conversation strategically to
gather information through your comments, reactions and body language. These
scammers are trained to notice EVERYTHING about you. Your appearance alone
tells a book about you before you even sit down. They use this and build
upon it and gain your respect by telling you what is obvious. They read your
reactions and oven tho you don’t know it…. they have pried out more info
than the CIA could drag from you.

I know this b/c I could do exactly what they do. I would never hurt anyone
who was coming to me for hope and good news. I choose to empower people b/c
everyone has the ability to improve their life through faith in themselves.

Sure…. you can still use my tranquility spell candle if you want to because we all
have negativity in our lives which can be changed to positive. HOWEVER…. I
am telling you that you are NOT cursed. You are blessed! I want you to
believe this and focus only on the positive things that happen each day.
Keep a journal. As you do this…. you can create a snowball effect. You
have a choice….. the snowball effect for negativity (you are cursed) or
positivity (you are blessed)? Which do you want?????? Feed energy only to
positive and that is where you will head. Sometimes a flat tire is just a
flat tire b/c you put off the expense of new tires. That isn’t a curse….
that life. The only curse we have in life…. is the one we put on ourselves
when we believe we are curse and then feed energy to that thought.

This is why a strongly spiritual person like myself begs people to
avoid psychics. A seed planted in your head can grow into something very
beautiful… or something very horrible. Since I can’t tell you what a
psychic might say to you…. I choose to tell everyone to avoid them

May you see only the blessings in you life and that you are strong enough to
gain control over anything negative!!!!! No spells needed…. Just faith!