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I have just scheduled renowned professional psychic medium Ryan Michael from Psychic Kids.

Date: Sat Oct 13th

Time: 10 AM to ?

Cost: $50 per approx 30 mins. Ryan tapes the reading for you.

Appts must be pre-paid to hold your place. It is cash only… sorry! I book up quickly so if you want to come, don’t put it off.

What to bring: a friend and a list of questions in case he asks if you have any (I can never remember until I leave).

Free refreshments all day!!!!

please call 724-981-1445 and leave a message if I don’t answer. I normally answer in the evenings. Please don’t call between the hrs 10 PM and 7 AM because the phone service has not yet been moved to the store. It rings in my home.

It’s actually better if you email me. You will find the link on the bottom of any of my webpages. I don’t care to be swamped with spam so I don’t want to post it here. My site is: www.alleghenycandles.com

You can learn more about Ryan by visiting his site:


I hope you can make it! You can browse in the shop while you wait or chat with some very interesting people. We always have a good time when I have a psychic in.

How to Choose a Tarot Deck


Being in the metaphysical store business for 15 + years, I have often had customers tell me that they would love to learn how to read tarot cards but they must be gifted with a deck.  I don’t have any problem with it as long as you have friends and family that you can open up to about your beliefs and interests and that they would take it upon themselves to buy you a deck.


My personal opinion is that you should be the one to choose your own tarot deck. I also believe that you should start off with one of the Rider Waite decks even though there are hundreds of gorgeous decks from which to choose that would better reflect your energies, beliefs, interest and lifestyle. I recommend the Rider Waite decks so that you can build a strong foundation that will allow you to evolve towards other tarot decks that reflect who you are. The Rider Waite decks are not the most attractive decks. The reason I want you to start out with one of these decks is so you will have a deck that corresponds to most tarot books and tarot workshops. These decks are very similar in symbolism, numerology and color. Books and classes are designed to teach you to interpret all of these aspects for not just each card, but also the combination. One book will undoubtedly lead to numerous others. By choosing the best selling decks, you will be able to follow the instruction. A tarot reader doesn’t just look at a card. She studies it. A card isn’t just a picture. Rider Waite has people and animals on almost every card. What are they doing? Which way are they facing? What are they wearing? What are they doing in the picture? What emotion do they show? What is the number on the card? What colors are there within the card? My favorite part is the small details that are easily missed. Perhaps there are symbols on their clothing, a chalice or sword in hand. Those aren’t decoration. Those are hints or reminders of what that card represents. All these aspects are to help open you up to an opportunity to communicate guidance via the cards laid out in front of you. To the client, those cards are pretty or scary pictures. As a tarot reader, it is your job to translate the message to them. As you study and come familiar with your Rider Waite deck, you will start to understand how it all comes together. At that point, you may wish to choose a deck that you find more appealing. Start with a good foundation and all other decks will be much easier to interpret.


I offer numerous tarot decks and a variety of tarot books that I have read and recommend.