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Banish Negative Energy

Sometimes, life can be more than we can handle. The last few years have really hit most of us very hard with debt,  job loss, a government that doesn’t hear us…. And all the good stuff that goes along w/ depression and stress like relationship and health issues.  I have a simple little ritual that can be helpful to anyone no matter what their faith is.

 The problem with negative energy is that we tend to focus on it. Lots of people tell you to journal your concerns. I don’t like that practice because you put it down on paper so it’s there to revisit.

 First step to getting rid of negative issues like job stress is to stop complaining about it. When you complain with others and talk about it… you feed energy to it. You want to do the opposite. Here is what I do:

 1. Write down whatever is bothering you. If you have 5 issues…. Then write them all down. Write down every emotion you feel…. All the facts… names… dates…. how it affected you…. and all that. You can draw pictures or symbols that represent how you feel. You can use crayons or markers with colors.  If you want to cry…. Allow some tears to drop on the paper. Whatever you feel…. Anger… sadness… hopelessness… pour that negative energy into the paper as you write.

2. When you are finished, crumple the paper up and light it on fire and put it in a metal bucket or something fireproof to burn. Take great care when doing this part so as not to burn yourself or cause a fire. Also keep smoke detectors in mind. If you have some, then do then burn the paper outside. You want the paper to burn completely so it turns to ashes (purification!).

3. Then carry the ashes to the bathroom and pour them into the toilet.

4. Then pee on them. Yes…. you read that right! Animals mark territories and establish domination by urination. So when you do this step.. don’t just urinate…. Envision yourself showing power over these issues and that your urine is your way to dominate that which has been bothering you.

5. When you are done. You may want to say a prayer asking for spiritual support from god, goddess, guides, ancestors etc… Flush it all away.

You are banishing that negative energy. The trick is to really let it go. If you dwell upon it again, the negative energy will still be present. So flush and forget. You can do this as often that you need to. Sometimes a problem is on-going like a toxic work environment. You probably won’t resolve the work issues with this method right away. BUT… you may learn how not to allow it into your life when you realize that you can discard it. If you can discard it, then you can also choose not to let it in or at least minimize it’s affect on you.

The ability to overcome negative energy is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal.


Curses, Hexes and Negative Energy!

 If I had a dollar for every person who told me that a fortuneteller told them they are cursed or surrounded by negative energy I’d be able to straighten out the economy on my own lol.

 This is the oldest scam in the book. This is how it works. Let’s say I am the “psychic” and you are my client. You come to me because you are looking for hope because life has been difficult lately. So I lay out my cards…. Make the appropriate sounds and facial gestures to get your attention. You lean in because you want to know what I am seeing in the cards. I put on a fake look of concern… and tell you that you have been cursed… or that you are surrounded by negative energy. As you wallow in your doom, I cast a glimmer of hope your way. I tell you that for a fee, I can remove the curse or cleanse away the negative energy. I give you a stern warning that for this procedure to work, you must tell NOBODY! You are so desperate to see the end of this difficult period that you give me the fee and keep our little secret. If you are lucky, it ends there. The most you lose is the fee and some time. However, this is often the first step to test your gullibility. I may contact you to return for another reading. I may go through the same steps and tell you that this curse is very powerful and that it’s going to take more time and money. So I ask you for a larger amount of money. Each time swearing you to secrecy… and working at building your trust. I may tell you that you will get all this money back… but I must hold it for a period of time to purify it. You then believe that you are no longer paying me. You think I am your friend and that you will get this money back. You may continue to do this time after time after time. Then one day, you call me for an appointment and I am not there. You try for days and weeks to no avail. You then realize that you have been scammed. And the beauty of this crime is that you have told nobody…. And now you are too embarrassed to report it. As for me, I have moved to a new area, with a new name to set up shop again. The police aren’t looking for me because nobody has reported it. Even if you do report it, they usually do nothing because they think you are a fool for believing in something so silly.

 I bet this sounds ridiculous. Sadly, it’s true. This happened in my town. I called the cops to get them to check out the scammer who set up shop. They told me that because she hadn’t hurt me, they couldn’t file a report. I told the FBI and the local DA. Nothing! I had a customer come in and tell me that this woman was selling crystals for $150 that were supposedly from the springs of Lourdes and that they were blessed by the virgin Mary. I told her that they came from my store for $1.00. What bothered me is that this lady had been in often to buy crystals from me before I found out what she was doing with them. So there were many who spent money they couldn’t afford on a lie.  About a year later, an elderly lady called and asked if I knew where the “psychic” had moved to.  I told her that she left town. The lady started to cry and told me that she was scammed out of $6000 and was losing her home over it. She is one of many that called me about this. I got some to report it but I doubt they’ll ever see their money again.

 Why am I telling you this? I want you to print this out and give to anyone you know that frequents psychics. I have even known of qualified psychics that would tell people they are cursed to get some extra cash. Most of the ones I know were good enough that they didn’t need to do this. But greed drove them to be unethical.

 How does a scammer get so many to believe in them? People go to psychics looking for hope or for help making a decision. When they are told they are cursed, they often believe it because they have hit a rough patch. So you leave the psychic believing you are cursed. From there on in, everything bad that happens you blame on this curse (this gives that fraudster more and more credibility as time goes on… surely she must be right). As the days and weeks go on, you feel more and more cursed. During this time, you are feeding energy to the belief that you are cursed.  And then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your life because depressing because you have lost faith in yourself and in god. You tend to get what you expect in life. If you expect problems and despair, you will make choices that support that.  Your focus lies solely on the bad things that are happening rather than the good. In the end…. The only curse you have is the one you put on yourself by falling victim to this scam artist.

 First of all, we are all divinely protected. That doesn’t mean that life will be a cakewalk. We didn’t manifest in a material world for nothing. We came here to learn and grow and evolve spiritually. Our greatest life lessons come from overcoming challenges and difficulties. Trials and tribulation force us to go within for strength… for wisdom. It causes us to look for inspiration, support and guidance that we can add to our “spiritual bag of tricks” for further reference. You can’t rise above negative situations with negativity.  And life is never a flat line… we have good times and bad times. It’s this contrast that creates balance. Think of it this way: if every day were a beautiful warm sunny day, you wouldn’t even know it because you would have nothing else to compare it with. In Pennsylvania, we have had an unusually long, dreary and cold winter. When the sun starts to warm this area up, we will all be grateful. It’s because of the contrast that makes us aware of when things get better.

 Second, we do often have negative energy around us. Who hasn’t felt a run of bad luck. This often happens after a major difficulty in life (divorce, illness, death, job loss) because we are down. Sadness, anger, jealousy, loss of faith, grief, fear and depression are all negative emotions. If you have a major loss, the negative emotions often have a snowball effect. Things will be worse before they get better because your spiritual vibration is low. This is a normal reaction to terrible circumstances. But there are things you can do to help improve the situation. The key is to raise the energy vibration around you.

  1.  traditional Native American smudge ceremony – This is a method believed by indigenous people to cleanse away negative energy with a herbal smoke bath. Herbs (usually sage or cedar) is burned like incense and fanned over people, places and things to remove negative energy. I have instructions on this blog.
  2. Surround yourself with people or experiences that make you feel good. Play or listen to uplifting music. Be creative… paint, draw, sing, plant a garden, play with your kids or a pet, do crafts. Creative energy lifts the vibration.
  3. Get counseling. If you need more help than that I’ve listed above, take it. That’s why it’s available. If your insurance doesn’t pay for therapy, find a minister who can help.
  4. Turn to your spiritual well being. If you feel drawn to go to church… do it. If that’s not your cup of tea, figure out what is. For me…. It’s hiking in the woods… communing with nature.
  5. Keep a blessing journal – set aside a few moments per day to think about what you are truly grateful for. Write these in a journal. Sometimes you have to dig very deep to feel gratitude (you are not alone in that, we all have been there from time to time). On those days… when every light you get to turns red… be thankful for that one that was yellow and you were able to get through it in time. Be thankful that today it didn’t rain the entire day…. There was 5 minutes that it stopped. By focusing on the positive, you feed energy to that rather than the negative. You go where you are focused. So please…. Always choose positive! Find a blessing in EVERY situation no matter how dire.
  6. Ask for spiritual guidance. When I am in a low vibration… and I am very aware of how much I don’t like that feel, I ask my guides, angels and passed loved ones to help me life myself out of it. It tell them to send me a little hope… a sign of better things to come… or send me some little thing to let me know they are there. This never fails me. Something or someone will make me laugh… or make me feel good. Maybe it will come as a way to help someone else. Perhaps I will help an elderly person which not only makes me feel good…. It makes them feel good too.