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Cleansing a tarot deck or Purifying a tarot deck

 There are many ways to cleanse or purify a tarot deck. My favorite way to cleanse a tarot deck is to smudge it with a sage smudge ceremony. You can the same thing with incense. I offer some wonderful all natural resin incense sticks that smell amazing.

 Take your tarot cards face down in the hand you do not write with (receptive hand). Hold over the sage or incense smoke for a few moments. Take your other hand a hit the top of the deck sharply with the knuckles as if knocking dirt off of them. Continue holding the deck in the smoke, asking your guides, deity, angels etc… to bless and purify the cards. Envision the sage seeping in the spaces between the molecules in the cards.

 I recommend before a reading, that you purify yourself and the room you will be reading in with sage or incense.

You can cleanse your tarot deck before you start a reading. If you will be doing numerous readings, you may want to do a fast version between clients. When you are finished, do a final tarot card cleansing and take a moment to cleanse the storage box, pouch or cloth.

 Some people have a deck only for themselves and another for everyone else. I use the same one so it’s like an old faithful deck to me. I just make sure to cleanse the deck each time.

 Other ways to cleanse a tarot deck –  purify a tarot deck:

 These cleansing methods put your cards in risk of damage. Take precautions to protect them.

 Allow it to sit out all night in a full moon phase. Take care that the dew doesn’t get on them. I would suggest putting them on a plate and put a clear glass bowl over them. Or put them in the house on a window sill that will allow the moonlight to hit them.

 Allow them to sit out in the sunlight all day. Again.. take great care not to damage them.

 Place cards in a ziplock bag and bury them for 24 hrs. Make sure it’s not a cheap bag or water could ruin them.







Home Purification

A home purification should be done if you are moving into a new home. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or renting, the idea is to remove any residual or negative energy left behind by the previous family. If you are renting, check to make sure it is ok with your landlord if sage is acceptable.

 You can also do a home purification if you believe your home has spirit activity (haunted). I have found that most times, a haunting is explainable with a little research (faulty wiring, mice in the walls or attic etc..). If in doubt, do a home purification. It certainly won’t do any harm. It will also clear away negativity that does gather in any home.

 If possible… Before you move  anything into your new home… place 8 pennies in your hand. Ask a blessing over them that they bring prosperity into the new home. While standing on the outside of the front door, toss them across the threshold and into the home. This symbolizes the infinite flow of wealth into your new home. This especially important if you have purchased a foreclosure or a home that had financial difficulties. Leave them lay where they fell until you have moved everything into the home. Gather them up and place them in a nice container. Place them in the area where you will be paying your bills. This is to keep the flow of abundance coming into to not just meet your present bills… but to create financial stability in your life.


Sea salt, Sage smudge bundle, lighter, heat proof container to hold the sage

1.  Clean the house.

2.  Move the salt into the house. Salt brings good luck to the house .

3.  Now that the house is clean, it’s time to cleanse. Light the smudge stick and begin at the front door. Move around the house in a clockwise motion holding the smudge in front of you.

4.  When you reach a window circle the window counterclockwise asking that anyone or anything be barred from entering. Move the smudge over the window panes to make smoke “bars” across the window.

5.  When you reach an outside door, ask that only those with good intentions be allowed to enter and that any negativity is left outside. Don’t bar the door, but circle it counterclockwise with the smudge. This includes spirits.

6.  Throw a pinch of salt into dark corners or into rooms that you feel need more attention. Salt will help to remove negative energy.

7.  When you enter a room, travel around the perimeter making sure the smoke enters each corner.

8.  If you have an attic or storage space, bar the entrance as you did to the windows, asking that no one be allowed to enter. Spirits included.

9.  End your house cleansing at the front door where you started. Announce that the cleansing is complete and thank your angels for their participation.

10.  It’s customary to conclude a house blessing with a great feast, so bring out the food and drink

 If you are having trouble with spirit activity, you can recite the following incantation in every room of the house (including basement, attic, garage etc….):

 God/ess Bless this home

every nail and board and stone

 clear away energies that harm

Keep them away with this charm

Cleanse and purify this place

Help us create a sacred space

Bestow your loving blessings good

That this home be safe as it should

So Mote it be!

 Buy sage for your home purification: