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Psychic Protection or Shielding from Negative Energy

 What is protection or shielding?

 Protection which is often called shielding, is a type of meditation/ visualization used to protect oneself from negative energy. . It’s one of those building blocks that one needs to create a strong foundation for further spiritual study and exploration. In a nutshell, protection or shielding is creating a protective barrier around oneself, another, place or a material object.

 When wouldyou use Psychic Protection or Shielding

 Psychic protection should be used during any type of spiritual work like divination, healing or ritual. Shielding can be done any time you feel the need for psychic protection whether you are doing anything spiritual or mundane. For example… if you were going in for surgery or flying on a plane, shielding is a good idea. If you were going in for a job interview or any stressful situation, you can shield yourself. If you find yourself picking up on the energy of others, you can protect yourself from it.

 How do you shield yourself from negative energy?

 Shielding is very easy. But first you need to ground and center (directions are on my blog)

  1.  Breathe in deeply through the nose while envisioning that you are drawing in god/ goddess/ guardian angels/ universal energy or whatever…. Into your physical being.
  2. Now exhale deeply through the mouth envisioning this breathe coming out of you as a brilliant white light with shimmers of rainbow colors.
  3. In your minds eye, see this light forming a bubble around you. This bubble is filled with protective energy from those spiritual beings that you requested help from. Don’t forget to thank them.
  4. You can program this bubble to shield differently.
  • You can have it turn reflective like a mirror and reflect anything that you don’t want.
  • My favorite shield is to use the white light with rainbow colors (like a moonstone) and have it transmute or change any negative energy to positive energy that is at my disposal. You see, energy is neither good or bad. It just IS. So if you feeling someone is sending negative energy to you, rather than reflect it and waste free energy, change it to positive energy. Program the shield to make that energy attract love, money, healing and so on.

 Note: The most important thing about a psychic protection or shield is to have FAITH! You have to know within every fiber of your being that you are divinely protected and that no harm can come to you.




Self Dedication Spell:

 You can use this spell to dedicate yourself to any path you choose. You may need to edit the wording to suit your needs. May your path be blessed!

Prepare a sacred space at home in which you plan on doing your spiritual work. It must be clean and free of clutter. You may want to have a small table that will become your altar. You may want to create a sacred space to store everything that you may need during ritual (all of your ritual tools, candles, incense, etc…. and lighters.

Dedicate yourself on the Full moon if possible. Also… SamHain (Halloween) is the perfect night for a self dedication as it’s the Pagan new year..

On the night of your choosing, sit quietly and ponder the reason for wanting to dedicate yourself to witchcraft. What do you have to offer? What do you wish to take from it? Where do you want to go from here? Take time and really envision the answers to those questions. The door and key are symbols to help you focus on this new path is like a door opening you to new possibilities in your life.

Light the candle. Recite:
O Mother Goddess, O Father God,
Answers to all mysteries and yet mysteries unanswered;
In this place of power I open myself to your essence.
In this place and in this time I am changed;
From henceforth, I walk the Wiccan path.
“I dedicate myself to you, Mother Goddess and Father God.

Rest for a moment

I breathe your energies into my body, commingling,
blending, mixing them with mine,
that I may see the divine in nature, nature in the divine,
and divinity within myself and all else.
O Great Goddess, O Great God,
Make me one with your essence
Make me one with your essence
Make me one with your essence

You may feel a difference, subtle or strong. Whatever happens, know that you have opened yourself and that the Goddess and God have heard you. You should feel different inside.

Allow he candle to burn as long as you can supervise it. Extinguish it when finished. It is charged to be used in future spells, rituals and divination. 

Feel free to edit this spell if you feel drawn to do so (this is your intuition guiding you)

Do not over-think your magick. I get calls all the time from customers that are worked up over tiny details. There is no wrong way to do the right thing when it comes to magick. It is your intentions that make it happen. The candle magick is just a tool to help you stay focused and to send your desire out to the universe.

Credit for the incantation goes to Scott Cunningham.

How to Choose a Tarot Deck


Being in the metaphysical store business for 15 + years, I have often had customers tell me that they would love to learn how to read tarot cards but they must be gifted with a deck.  I don’t have any problem with it as long as you have friends and family that you can open up to about your beliefs and interests and that they would take it upon themselves to buy you a deck.


My personal opinion is that you should be the one to choose your own tarot deck. I also believe that you should start off with one of the Rider Waite decks even though there are hundreds of gorgeous decks from which to choose that would better reflect your energies, beliefs, interest and lifestyle. I recommend the Rider Waite decks so that you can build a strong foundation that will allow you to evolve towards other tarot decks that reflect who you are. The Rider Waite decks are not the most attractive decks. The reason I want you to start out with one of these decks is so you will have a deck that corresponds to most tarot books and tarot workshops. These decks are very similar in symbolism, numerology and color. Books and classes are designed to teach you to interpret all of these aspects for not just each card, but also the combination. One book will undoubtedly lead to numerous others. By choosing the best selling decks, you will be able to follow the instruction. A tarot reader doesn’t just look at a card. She studies it. A card isn’t just a picture. Rider Waite has people and animals on almost every card. What are they doing? Which way are they facing? What are they wearing? What are they doing in the picture? What emotion do they show? What is the number on the card? What colors are there within the card? My favorite part is the small details that are easily missed. Perhaps there are symbols on their clothing, a chalice or sword in hand. Those aren’t decoration. Those are hints or reminders of what that card represents. All these aspects are to help open you up to an opportunity to communicate guidance via the cards laid out in front of you. To the client, those cards are pretty or scary pictures. As a tarot reader, it is your job to translate the message to them. As you study and come familiar with your Rider Waite deck, you will start to understand how it all comes together. At that point, you may wish to choose a deck that you find more appealing. Start with a good foundation and all other decks will be much easier to interpret.


I offer numerous tarot decks and a variety of tarot books that I have read and recommend.








Metaphysical Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz ranges from pink to cream in color. Rose quartz is considered the “stone of unconditional love”. It has a very soft and gentle energy. It encourages one to be open and receptive to love, beauty, kindness, harmony.

Rose quartz may allow one to attract love into their life. This might be a general love of mankind, family love or it could be a romantic love energy or a combination of all. Rose quartz may also help in the areas of emotional healing and self-love which are crucial to attracting love of any kind. The beauty of rose quartz is the gentle calming energy that it brings to love in that there is no need to hurry things along. It allows you to take a step back and relax about matters of the heart.

Rose quartz is believed to help bring harmony to relationships especially in negative and/or stressful situations. Rose quartz encourages forgiveness, compassion and tolerance. Rose quartz may help one overcome guilt, grief, depression or the loss of a loved one. It may help in the removal of fears, phobias, resentments and anger. Rose quartz may also help one overcome and release childhood traumas or abuse, neglect, and lack of love. It can help with reconciliation in any strained relationship.

Rose quartz is believed to help in fertility, pregnancy and childbirth issues and in weight loss.

Rose quartz can be used in a gem elixir, a pocket stone or jewelry. http://www.alleghenycandles.com/crystal-healing.html



Rose quartz makes a good divination tool when seeking guidance in love, relationships, emotional issues, fertility or pregnancy issue or weight loss. http://www.alleghenycandles.com/gemstonerunes.html


Ouija Board Instructions
Do Ouija boards really work?

An ouija board can be a useful spiritual tool to glean information from the spirit realm. With practice, this mystical divination tool can help you open the doors to your own natural psychic ability. Most who use an oujia board do not take it seriously. But… if you are serious about learning how to communicate with spirits through the Ouija board and you are willing to practice, you may find the results to be very interesting.

How does an Ouija Board work?

An ouija board is a divination tool to help you learn how to communicate with spirit and to jump start your natural psychic abilities. The goal should be to get to the point that you can work without the board . Once you learn how to connect with spirit and interpret the messages, the board will slow you down. You may not get to that point because you don’t have time to practice or you may not have a group that is as focused as you are on learning. There is nothing wrong with that.

Are there dangers in using an Ouija Board?

Yes! Information that you get should not be taken too seriously. Don’t ask questions like “when am I going to die” or “should I quit my job” or “is my husband cheating on me?”. Don’t ask legal or medical advice. If you have questions of this nature…. Ask about the outcome of the given situation. But take all messages and advice with a big grain of salt.

Always work with positive energy. You are opening a door for spirits to enter your home. Like energy attracts like energy in the spirit world. You may get more than you bargain for if you want to be scared. Work with a mature group of adults. If things start to go off track, call it a night.

I don’t believe in allowing kids to use an Ouija board. I hope you would not consider one as a gift for someone else’s child. I would be furious if someone gave my child an Ouija board. That is a choice that only a parent should make. This isn’t a toy. If your child wants to use the board, make sure he/ she uses it with you or an adult that you trust their judgment.

Getting Started

1st – Place Ouija board in the center of a small table. Place planchette (pointer) in middle of board. Rest fingers lightly on the planchette to allow it to move freely and easily.

2nd – Only one person ask questions at a time. Ask a clear question and wait a few minutes for the planchette to move. It will probably start off quite slowly and you may have to wait several minutes for that much. As it gains strength, it will point to letters to spell words out.

3rd – For best results, you need to stay focused on your questions and stay within the same topic. Everyone must be mature about this session or you will get confused or garbled messages. Remember – like energy attracts like energy. If you are not serious, then you will not find a spirit that is reliable.
4th – Keep your board in good condition. Store it in a cool, dry place. Keep the surface clean and smooth (I like to use a soft cloth with a tiny amount of Pledge)

5th – Remember to “close the doorway” when your session ends. Thank your spirit helpers for their guidance. Send them on their way with a blessing. Announce aloud in a firm voice “this session is ended and this doorway is now closed”. Feel free to say a prayer or ask for a blessing from god(dess), angels, spirit guides etc…

Ouija Board Hints

· Have someone sit out and take notes. If there isn’t an extra person, tape record the session. It not uncommon for messages not to be clear until it’s written down and you can see the message and decipher it. If you can video the session, you may pick up orbs or other ghostly images.

· Use your Ouija at night when the world begins to quiet down.

· If at any point you feel afraid or uneasy about what is happening, tell the spirit to leave in a strong and loud voice. If you are very scared.. end the session as mentioned above making sure to “close the doorway”.

· Often, especially in new boards, the planchette won’t move. Slowly circle it round and round until a spirit takes over. As you do that, you may ask a prayer for help in drawing a good and helpful spirit. If your board doesn’t work after that, you may want to try it again another time.


Ouija Board suggestions:


· Wipe your board clean with a soft cloth and furniture polish (we recommend Pledge) before each use

· Before and after each use, smudge your board with a sage bundle or any purifying incense http://www.alleghenycandles.com/sage-smudge-stick.html

· Smudging is the Native American version of a “smoke bath” and is used to cleanse and purify negative and residual energy.

· Participants should take a moment to relax and ground their energy. A guided meditation that allows you to balance your chakras is a good idea.

· When everyone is settled down and ready to work, light a white candle.

· State, in a clear strong voice, that no negative or harmful energies be attracted to your Ouija Board. Tell any negative forces present that they are now banished and dismissed.

· Some people believe that a prayer is a good protection before an Ouija board session. Ask for a helpful and positive spirit to assist you on this night.

· You can use an Ouija board alone. However, it is very difficult to draw the energy needed when working alone.

· Remember, the Ouija board is an open door for spirit communication. When your session is over, thank the spirit(s) who have aided your spiritual work and send them on their way with a blessing. Close the “door” by stating aloud that the session is over and the door is now closed to spirit. I suggest that you smudge the board and do a prayer of protection.

· Store your board in the box when not in use. Do not place anything on top of it as it may mare the surface.

Things you should know before working the Ouija board.

Ouija Boards are not evil nor do they attract the devil. It is merely a tool with which one connects and communicates with spirit. It is what you do with the board that can bring positive or negative results.

With a new board, you will probably need at least 4 people to get it going. It takes a lot of energy to get things moving. Make sure you have 4 to 8 mature adults that have a genuine interest in communicating with spirit. You want people that you trust and that share your ethics and goals for spiritual work.

Try to meet at least monthly – the full moon is believed to be the night where the veil between the physical and spiritual is at it’s thinnest.

Working the Ouija board is a type of automatic writing. Between sessions, you could work on automatic writing to hone your skills.

NEVER allow anyone that is under the influence of alcohol or drugs to participate or even be present. Anyone that is sick, depressed, unduly stressed, worried etc…. should not participate as they can draw in a lower vibration spirit.

You may wish to try other kinds of divination in order to get confirmation or clarification from spirit on ouija messages (tarot, runes, pendulum and crystal balls… etc…).

Ouija boards are NOT a suitable or appropriate gift for child or unsupervised teens especially when they are not your own kids.

Messages can come in other forms than just words. You may feel, smell or taste “messages”. Make sure you make note of that. It is often the signature of a spirit. I had a little boy that died in a fire that came with the aroma of smoke. Don’t let it scare you… it is just another way they try to reach you. Not everyone will experience this extra message which is why you should share it with everyone.

An Ouija board session is very much like a séance. If an object appears… this is called an apport. It appears to come from “nowhere”. This is a very rare a special gift.

Always call spirits for whom you are searching by their given name or nickname. Just keep in mind… most women are known to someone as “mom”.

Suggestion for an Ouija Board that doesn’t work:

Ouija boards don’t work every time. Here are some suggestions when nothing seems to be happening. But remember, if you have tried these suggestions and nothing is happening, you may want to call it quits and have another go on a different night. It’s mostly a matter of practice and discovering what works best for you. We give instructions on use to get you started and from there… just practice.

If not much is happening:
· try bringing new people into your group that you can trust
· try putting different combinations of people on the board to see if things improve
· try various locations (members homes… especially those that have had psychic activity)
· try different locations in a home… attic, basement, barn etc…. It seems that places that have been empty for years become more active. I have heard of people using their board in a cemetery. Only your group can decide if that’s appropriate or not.

I wish you good luck in your new quest for spiritual wisdom.

Aventurine is a lovely soft green stone that has tiny mica particles within it. Aventurine is used to balance the yin/ yang energies (male/ female), enhancing creativity. Aventurine offers motivation and encourages a “pioneering spirit”. Aventurine is believed to strengthen decisiveness and intensify leadership qualities. It allows the bearer to see the options and potential in a given situation. It allows one to balance the physical, intellectual, emotional and auric bodies.

Aventurine is used in medicine wheel ceremonies to allow enable the spirit guides to connect with emotionally healing the heart. Use aventurine for the energizing the heart chakra and to attract love into one’s life.

Aventurine is useful for creativity and imagination. It aids in happiness, optimism, courage, inner strength, mental clarity and intellect. It is believed that aventurine enhances prosperity and can help one work towards career success. Aventurine may help bring good luck especially in games of chance.

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  • spirituality ·
  • crown chakra·
  • power & force – add when needed to rituals
  • protection of the innocent
  • can be used in spells for relief from injustice or for protection.


  • peace, tranquility – use for relaxation, stress relief & meditation
  • communication – helps w/ getting message across thru spoken or written word or understanding in relationship problems.
  • Light blue – throat chakra
  • dark blue – 3rd eye chakra
  • west direction
  • element – water


  • money, luck
  • fertility – creativity, growing things or pregnancy
  • healing and health
  • growth and expansion
  • love
  • heart chakra
  • north direction
  • element – earth


  • joy, happiness – raises the spiritual vibration
  • solar plexus chakra
  • money
  • east direction
  • element – air
  • follow up to a curse removal to raise the vibration
  • Can help w/ depression.


  • elevatate mood & vibration
  • aids in love affair problems
  • balance, adaptability
  • energy
  • naval chakra


  • root chakra
  • love, passion, sex
  • energy, vigor
  • courage
  • south direction
  • element –  fire


  • love drawing
  • aids in emotional healing of a broken heart or grief
  • smooths over problem between friends
  • honor, morality
  • weight loss


  • grounding
  • connecting to earth energy
  • north direction
  • element –  earth


  • grounding
  • protection
  • secrecy


  • purify, cleanse
  • can be used to represent deity
  • protection
  • truth
  • it can be used as a suitable replacement for any other color


  • goddess
  • female energy
  • moon or night time


  • god
  • male energy
  • sun or day time

Dressing candles refers to rubbing ritual oil into the candle that is related to your desire. It adds power to your energy work.

  • Sit quietly and mentally prepare yourself. Quiet your mind and then think of your desire.
  • Place a drop of oil on your finger tip and rub from the middle of the candle out to the tip as your concentrate on your intention.
  • Repeat to the other end
  • Take a few moments to reflect on your desire. Visualize it coming to fruition.
  • If you have more than one candle to work with, repeat the process to each one.
  • Continue with your spiritual work.


Many practitioners prefer smaller candles for a single use. They will allow it to burn completely out and then bury the candle remains as a final step. Do not leave a burning candle unattended.

To some, blowing a candle out is considered disrespectful. They will pinch it out or use a snuffer.

Candles can be carved with name, date, intention etc…

© Amy Summers 2006

One thing that often confuses my customers is working with moon phases. It is very easy to understand once you see the pattern.  Many calendars mark the full and/ or new moon phase. You can also look online for that information.

There are 4 phases that I work with.

1. Waxing moon – the moon is getting larger until is is full.

Use this moon phase to work with anything you want to enlarge such as finances, fertility, love, healing etc…

2. Full Moon – this is when the moon is completely round. You can also work the day before and the day after if need be and still work with the full moon phase.

Any kind of magick, spells and ritual can be done on the full moon. It is considered the strongest day of the month for spiritual work of any kind.

3. Waning Moon – after the full moon phase…. the moon begins to get smaller working towards the new moon phase.

Use the waning moon pahase for situations that you would like to see get smaller. Such as: debt, weight, stress, tumors etc…

4. New moon phase – no moon visable in the sky.

Considered by many a very bad time to do any magic, spells or ritual. Use this as a period of rest.

Now study the mon phases and you will see the pattern.

Waxing – Full – Waning – New and then it repeats

Always keep this pattern in mind and you life will go much smoother. All energy fluxuates like that. Everything has a pattern like this. Love, relationships, finances, hopes and dreams, happiness, sadness.. everything constantly changes. It is not good nor is it bad.. it is just the ebb and flow of life. If you life is terrible right now… it will eventually improve. I have found that meditating on the moon patterns, I can handle negative situations much easier. I know when troubles arise… and they will because I have chosen to be in this material plane of existance…. that they will subside all I have to do is wait.

Every day I get requests from people to pay me to do spells for them. . My goal is to get everyone to become their own guru… minister… alchemist etc… I believe that you are the best person to do energywork for your desire… whether you want to attract love, money, healing or anything else. Spells are nothing more than a prayer enhanced with any combination of words, gestures, candles, incense and other implements. It takes no special skills to do them… it just takes faith in yourself.

I am the kind of person that studies people and human nature in general. I like to understand so that I can avoid making the mistakes that others have already made. I’m not saying that I don’t find creative new ways to make mistakes (I’m an expert at that). I don’t like to pass up lessons when they come my way. I think the single most important thing I have learned from dealing with my customers is to keep it simple. People tend to complicate everything and make it more difficult than need be which often leads to giving up. I get many emails on my candle magick (I offer them because they are the easiest form of magick one can do). I get overwhelmed with emails asking how long to burn the candle or where should I position this or that. I give them the same response every time…. “Where do YOU think it should go?”. I tell them to stop over-thinking everything and follow your intuition. They usually give it thought and write me back and ask for my approval. My message to all of you is to follow your heart when you are manifesting a change in your life. Stop worrying about the tiny details. When you fuss and worry… and doubt…. you create a blockage to your efforts. If you want to cleanse your home…. or attract love into your life… follow the instructions but don’t worry about perfection. The perfection is in your intention and in your faith in yourself. The words, gestures or tools for a spell are just there to help you keep your intention focused. In truth…. nothing is needed except for your intention and faith.