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Home Purification

A home purification should be done if you are moving into a new home. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or renting, the idea is to remove any residual or negative energy left behind by the previous family. If you are renting, check to make sure it is ok with your landlord if sage is acceptable.

 You can also do a home purification if you believe your home has spirit activity (haunted). I have found that most times, a haunting is explainable with a little research (faulty wiring, mice in the walls or attic etc..). If in doubt, do a home purification. It certainly won’t do any harm. It will also clear away negativity that does gather in any home.

 If possible… Before you move  anything into your new home… place 8 pennies in your hand. Ask a blessing over them that they bring prosperity into the new home. While standing on the outside of the front door, toss them across the threshold and into the home. This symbolizes the infinite flow of wealth into your new home. This especially important if you have purchased a foreclosure or a home that had financial difficulties. Leave them lay where they fell until you have moved everything into the home. Gather them up and place them in a nice container. Place them in the area where you will be paying your bills. This is to keep the flow of abundance coming into to not just meet your present bills… but to create financial stability in your life.


Sea salt, Sage smudge bundle, lighter, heat proof container to hold the sage

1.  Clean the house.

2.  Move the salt into the house. Salt brings good luck to the house .

3.  Now that the house is clean, it’s time to cleanse. Light the smudge stick and begin at the front door. Move around the house in a clockwise motion holding the smudge in front of you.

4.  When you reach a window circle the window counterclockwise asking that anyone or anything be barred from entering. Move the smudge over the window panes to make smoke “bars” across the window.

5.  When you reach an outside door, ask that only those with good intentions be allowed to enter and that any negativity is left outside. Don’t bar the door, but circle it counterclockwise with the smudge. This includes spirits.

6.  Throw a pinch of salt into dark corners or into rooms that you feel need more attention. Salt will help to remove negative energy.

7.  When you enter a room, travel around the perimeter making sure the smoke enters each corner.

8.  If you have an attic or storage space, bar the entrance as you did to the windows, asking that no one be allowed to enter. Spirits included.

9.  End your house cleansing at the front door where you started. Announce that the cleansing is complete and thank your angels for their participation.

10.  It’s customary to conclude a house blessing with a great feast, so bring out the food and drink

 If you are having trouble with spirit activity, you can recite the following incantation in every room of the house (including basement, attic, garage etc….):

 God/ess Bless this home

every nail and board and stone

 clear away energies that harm

Keep them away with this charm

Cleanse and purify this place

Help us create a sacred space

Bestow your loving blessings good

That this home be safe as it should

So Mote it be!

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quartz crystal meaning

Quartz crystal meaning

Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal is what people think of when they hear the term “crystal. It is the most popular crystal with good reason. Quartz crystal is easily affordable because it’s quite common.  If you could only have 1 crystal, I would recommend you choose quartz for the fact that it is good for just about any spiritual use.  Quartz is believed to offer the following benefits to the bearer: good luck, energy, healing, protection, purification, clarity, guidance, wisdom, amplifies, stores, transfers and transforms energy.

Quartz can be used to amplify thoughts and body energy. Quartz also brings forth clarity to one’s thoughts and allow one to influence the situation more effectively.

Quartz crystal is considered a stone of power. It brings forth energy and harmonizes the flow. Quartz bridges a connection between the physical dimensions and that of the mind.  It is believed to open communication with minerals, plants, animals and intelligent energies outside the physical realm. Quartz is believed to harmonize the flow of life energy between all life forms.

Quartz crystal is a very powerful stone for  facilitate communicate with spiritual and other worldly masters, teachers and healers.

Quartz can create altered states of consciousness and can serve as a vehicle for reaching and utilizing abilities and talents of the mind. Psychic abilities are strongly stimulated and enhanced with quartz crystal.

Chakra Healing

Quartz crystal is  used in chakra healing to activate and energize the 7 major energy centers in the body. Quartz attunes nicely with the heart chakra as well as the 3rd eye chakra.  Mediation can be improved by placing a quartz crystal on the 3rd eye. It helps one clear their mind and reach a “quiet place”.  Quartz is also very effective for the crown chakra be enhancing clearing the way for Kundalini energy to flow.

Quartz crystal is a purification stone. It offers purification of mental, physical and spiritual bodies.  It can be used to transmute negative energy into positive  and direct negative feelings towards positive happy ones.  Large crystal (or crystal balls) create a healing energy in an area. When worn, quartz crystal offers a flow of energy as well as protecting the aura.  Wear with the point up to bring wisdom and clarity. The same holds true at night, place a quartz crystal with the point towards the top of the head or crown chakra for clarity and wisdom. Aim the point toward your feet to help you calm down so you can get a good night’s rest.

Quartz worn on the finger is believed the create “the Midas touch”.  Quartz earring helps energize and balance the chakras. Keep a single quartz crystal on you or around your area to help maintain balance, energy and protection.

Quartz will stayed attuned to the person to whom it is connected.  A crystal pointing up channels energy to the upper chakras. Which means if you want to connect with spiritual guides or try astral projection, you would point your crystal towards you head. A crystal pointing downward has a grounding effect.  This helps if you are feeling spacey or undecided on an issue. Holding a crystal in your receptive hand (the one you do NOT write with), will double the etheric field of the body.

Quartz is used extensively as a healing stone. It not only allows one to diagnose, but also facilitates healing. I will cover the use and techniques of crystals in healing on another post as that is a vast subject in itself.

Quartz crystal is believed to render negative energy powerless, destroy spells, curses and enchantments and dissolve black magic.

Blue Lace Agate Meaning and Metaphysical properties

Blue lace agate is one of my favorite gemstones. It has a unusual periwinkle blue color. Most stones will have a variety of shading, banding, clouding or whorls within the same stone.  Some areas are clear while others are opaque. Blue lace agate a fascinating gemstone to add to your collection.

The lovely blue sky color gives on a sense of peace and tranquility. It offers a gently feeling of peace and tranquility.


Blue Lace Agate Meaning and Properties

Agates come from a variety of stones known as Chalcedony which is believed to balance the yin and yang energy as well the the physical, mental, emotional and etheric energies. In ancient times, it was placed in cooking water to prevent illness. Agate may aid in analytical thinking and precision. Agate may help awaken one’s hidden talents. Agate is believed to encourage fidelity and to strengthen eye sight. Blue lace agate possesses all of those properties in addition to the following properties. Blue lace agate aids in helping one to connect with very high spiritual places. It carries the energies of flight, air, movement and grace. Blue lace agate has it’s strongest influence at the throat chakra, heart chakra, 3rd eye chakra and the crown chakra. One may enter a high frequency state of awareness when activating these chakras. Blue lace agate may help with communication of all types. It allows one to understand as well as to be understood. This can be applied to all aspects of communication from conflict between spouses, contract negotiations and even in spiritual and divine communication.

Blue Lace Agate Healing Properties

Blue lace agate is believe to strengthen bone structure, especially in regards to fractures.  Blue lace agate is believed to remove blockages from the nervous system and the capillaries. Blue lace agate may be helpful in treating the pancreas and glands involving the digestion system.  Blue lace agate works well as a gemstone elixir. I have instructions for creating them on my blog.

Disclaimer: Crystal healing is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment. It may be used as a supplement. If you choose to use crystal healing on yourself or others, you do so at your own risk.

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Real quartz crystal balls

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May your 2013 be blessed with love, good health, happiness and prosperity!


I like to enter every new year with a plan. Sometimes it’s concrete and other times it is more a rough idea of what I want to happen. 2012 had brought some big changes into my life. I purchased a building to open a brick and mortar store.  I was hoping to leave my job at the bank and to dedicate my life to running and growing my small business.  Well, I said this was a year of change for me. It was. Just after I got the store up and running, I got a job promotion. This new position requires some evening and weekend hours and mandatory overtime. And after starting my training for this job, I can see that I am going to like the job a lot and I have an opportunity to advance.

One of my main goals in 2012 was to simplify my life. But, the opposite happened when I bought the building. I need to be at the store. I need to be passionate about this aspect of my business. But it began to overwhelm me and pull me away from my goal of simplifying my life. And though I had no clue how I could get off the crazy treadmill, I held tight to the goal to simplify even though my life was very hectic. And then another change came in the form of the promotion that I mentioned before. The nice thing about having a “real” job is that you punch a clock and go home.  You also have benefits. When you have a business, you never clock out and vacation is not possible. You always have work to do. And when the work is done, there is paperwork to do and taxes to organize. You are never completely finished. With this promotion, I am able to downsize the business to something much more manageable. It will allow me to enjoy time off which is something I have not done since I moved out here.  For almost 4 years, my business was my primary income and the job was a supplemental income. I have finally realized that this new job will allow me to decrease my business and use it as the supplement. And that is a simpler life for me. Everything just fell into place. All I had to do was to “put my intentions/ vision out there”  and allow everything to fall into place. Once more… my “go with the flow” way of life brings me just what I need when I need it. I needed to let go of my habit of living, working and saving for the future and start living now.

May your visions for 2013 be blessed!


Hey All,


I just wanted to let you know that there is a new scam out that’s pretty good. When you place an order with a large company that you trust, a box may pop up that tells you that they can give you that item much cheaper. It reroutes you to a Chinese website and collects your credit card info. You can dispute these charges and close the card but I am concerned about someone stealing your identity. Please tell others about this scam. We are getting lots of calls at the bank and it’s for very popular brands like Abercrombie… Northwoods (or whatever it is)…. You go the legit website but get drawn to a fraudulent site.




Banish Negative Energy

Sometimes, life can be more than we can handle. The last few years have really hit most of us very hard with debt,  job loss, a government that doesn’t hear us…. And all the good stuff that goes along w/ depression and stress like relationship and health issues.  I have a simple little ritual that can be helpful to anyone no matter what their faith is.

 The problem with negative energy is that we tend to focus on it. Lots of people tell you to journal your concerns. I don’t like that practice because you put it down on paper so it’s there to revisit.

 First step to getting rid of negative issues like job stress is to stop complaining about it. When you complain with others and talk about it… you feed energy to it. You want to do the opposite. Here is what I do:

 1. Write down whatever is bothering you. If you have 5 issues…. Then write them all down. Write down every emotion you feel…. All the facts… names… dates…. how it affected you…. and all that. You can draw pictures or symbols that represent how you feel. You can use crayons or markers with colors.  If you want to cry…. Allow some tears to drop on the paper. Whatever you feel…. Anger… sadness… hopelessness… pour that negative energy into the paper as you write.

2. When you are finished, crumple the paper up and light it on fire and put it in a metal bucket or something fireproof to burn. Take great care when doing this part so as not to burn yourself or cause a fire. Also keep smoke detectors in mind. If you have some, then do then burn the paper outside. You want the paper to burn completely so it turns to ashes (purification!).

3. Then carry the ashes to the bathroom and pour them into the toilet.

4. Then pee on them. Yes…. you read that right! Animals mark territories and establish domination by urination. So when you do this step.. don’t just urinate…. Envision yourself showing power over these issues and that your urine is your way to dominate that which has been bothering you.

5. When you are done. You may want to say a prayer asking for spiritual support from god, goddess, guides, ancestors etc… Flush it all away.

You are banishing that negative energy. The trick is to really let it go. If you dwell upon it again, the negative energy will still be present. So flush and forget. You can do this as often that you need to. Sometimes a problem is on-going like a toxic work environment. You probably won’t resolve the work issues with this method right away. BUT… you may learn how not to allow it into your life when you realize that you can discard it. If you can discard it, then you can also choose not to let it in or at least minimize it’s affect on you.

The ability to overcome negative energy is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal.

How to Consecrate Runes

How to consecrate runes


Whether you have purchased a rune set or you have been working with a set that you have had for awhile, you should consecrate and cleanse/ purify the runes. Directions to purify rune stones can be found on another post on this blog.


What does consecrating runes mean?


To consecrate a rune set translates to “to make holy”.  Briefly, you are changing your runes from tumbled crystals into a sacred tool for divine guidance. You can re-consecrate the rune stones if they have been unused for a while or if it seems as if your readings are less clear and/ or accurate as they once were. The act of consecrating the rune set doesn’t just purify and prepare them, it creates a spiritual connection between you and your runes.


Did you know that you do not need to be psychic to give rune readings? Runes help bridge the gap between divinity and you. By learning to read the runes, you become a spiritual interpreter. The runes are symbols that once you learn their meanings and how to lay them out, it is believed that you will be able to glean messages and guidance from the spiritual realms. A rune set is a good tool for people that don’t believe that they are psychic enough to divine messages from spirit. When you look over the runes in a reading, they tell a story. A rune layout can show patterns and trends (mistakes repeating, perhaps?).  You consecrate your rune stones to help you open yourself to the messages they offer whether you are reading for yourself or someone else.


An even though you don’t have to be psychic to do rune readings, over time, you may find that you know the outcome to any question before you pull any runes. The runes are opening your psychic abilities. When that first starts to happen, keep track of everything that pops into your head regarding the reading. Then see if the runes confirm what those feelings. You may get to the point that you don’t need runes any more. And if you never get to that point, that’s fine too.


Consecrating a rune stones


Sage is my preferred method to consecrate runes. It purifies as well. Sage is a traditional plant which is sacred to Native American. They believe that sage smoke purifies. Sage smoke is quite intense and many people don’t like it. In that case, you can use incense. I also carry incense resins, an all natural incense made from tree sap and is available on my website. For consecration, I would choose the traditional frankincense and myrrh.  If you can’t tolerate fragrance, you can substitute with a white candle. Smoke is what does the purification with sage or incense. The warm light of the candle would be the catalyst if you choose the candle method. Use the consecration method that suits your needs best.


  1. Light sage/ incense and allow the smoke to purify yourself, your sacred space and the pouch or box in which you store your runes.
  2. Hold your runes in your receptive hand (the hand you do not write with).
  3. Hold your runes over the sage or incense smoke or the light of the candle (taking care not to burn your self).
  4. Ask your deity, angels, guides or guardians to protect you & your runes from all but the highest of levels of energy.
  5. Recite:

Stone and symbol let secrets unfold,

Messages from ancestors and guardians be told.

May gentle insight guide each and every word

So sacred wisdom may be heard

By a heart open and ready to receive

Divine guidance to conceive.

  1. Look at each rune one by one and contemplate it. Connect with it’s energy. And envision your energy going into each rune and becoming part of it.
  2.  With your receptive hand, hold the whole set of runes over the smoke.
  3. Ask your deity of choice to bless & consecrate your rune stones so that it may allow you to help others through those runes.


You can go ahead and use your newly consecrated rune set. When not in use, you should store your runes in a pouch or box that keeps them safe and sacred.


Hint: I offer another post to program and energize your crystals to make your runes an even more powerful divination tool.